“We Got This” Research Vignettes

“We Got This” Research Vignettes

In a series of seven video vignettes, researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing address aspects of nursing that go beyond the bedside. View all the videos in the playlist above, and join us in saying “We Got This.”

Women’s Health—Assistant Professor Kamila Alexander researches women’s health and uses her expertise in public health to help prevent illness, disease, and violence within communities.

Administration—As senior vice president for nursing for the Johns Hopkins Health System and vice president for nursing and patient services for The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Deb Baker is strengthening nursing’s role and impact within health care.

EthicsCynda Rushton, professor and expert in clinical ethics, discusses teaching students about ethical issues in practice and how she became involved in ethics early in her career.

HIV—In the U.S. and across South Africa, Jason Farley, director of the REACH Initiative and co-director Clinical Core for the Hopkins Center for AIDS Research, is inventing apps and using technology to help end the spread of HIV.

Pediatrics—As a PhD candidate, Lucine Francis examines food environments of family child care homes, obesity prevention, nutrition, and policy. For her, success is being able to do work that translates to changes in communities.

Domestic Violence—For more than 30 years, Professor and Anna D. Wolf Chair Jackie Campbell has been supporting victims of domestic violence and using her research to improve health outcomes of victims and prevent future violence. She provides an example of nursing’s influence within policy and global health care organizations.

AgingSarah Szanton, associate professor, developed the CAPABLE program to cut health care costs and help older adults improve mobility and reduce disability. Her research focuses on the role of the environment in the health of older adults, particularly those trying to “age in place.”


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