Don’t Call It a Training School

Fall 2016 As Seen in Our Fall 2016 Issue
Don’t Call It a Training School

In the latest issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing, the final picture misidentifies the name of the school. Those pictured attended The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. The word training was not included. In fact from the day we arrived we were told that we were there to be educated, not trained.

Another recent inaccuracy was that we were said to have received certificates not diplomas. In fact, it was a diploma school and we received diplomas. The dictionary definition would indicate that either the school or the students were not qualified for the designation diploma.

I would like to see these historical errors addressed.

Marjorie Minnich Lamb, ’56On page 33 of the recent magazine you referred to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School. This never existed; we attended the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing specifically to be educated not trained. I feel dismissed and insulted and denied what was rightfully earned by me: a diploma from the best diploma nursing school in the region.

Anne Duncan, ’56Editor’s note: We treasure the school’s alumni and its history, which does date all the way back to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses of the late 1880s. And yet, as noted above, it was a very different school in the 1950s. Johns Hopkins Nursing regrets the error.

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