The Skinny

The Skinny

You might have noticed at first touch that the Summer 2016 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing is a bit … svelte. The slenderizing is for a very specific reason: trading a little paper today to keep fresh news and notes coming to you more often than just three times a year.

No, we’re not killing the paper magazine. (Over this dinosaur’s dead body!) We simply felt the online version wasn’t doing enough—wasn’t “alive” enough—and figured the summer vacation season, when everyone’s distracted anyway, would be a good time to divert resources to fix that. And talk about beach-ready: a lighter nursing periodical to carry with you to the shore. You’re welcome!

The size is really the only thing you’ll find different about this issue. All the usual stuff is here, including the annual summer roundup of faculty research (“Cells to Society”). Meanwhile, we’ve made the website more user-friendly and any day now will annex the school blog, now known simply as On the Pulse. That’s where we can share all the awards won by students and faculty between issues, the pictures of events that generally wouldn’t warrant a full article (but are fun and say so much about our community), and genuinely touching insights from the folks who call Hopkins Nursing home away from home. And that’s probably enough tinkering for now. We’ve got a full-sized autumn issue to fill.

Steve St. Angelo

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