The Best Advertisement Is Success

The Best Advertisement Is Success

“We can think of no one better qualified to fill the position.”It’s one thing to tell prospective students just how far a Johns Hopkins Nursing degree can take them. But it’s so much better and—for us—rewarding, to be able to show them.

Meet alumna Deborah Baker, DNP, CRNP, senior vice president for nursing for the Johns Hopkins Health System, a job newly created to utilize her unrivaled skill set and unwavering focus on health care quality and safety (“Leadership from Within”). It is the top of the nursing pyramid at Johns Hopkins, with oversight on care at all of its affiliates—a spot at the “big boys’ table”—and we can think of no one better qualified to fill the position or represent the excellence we strive for every day at the School of Nursing.

Deb arrived at the school as a bright light—an intelligent, driven baccalaureate student—and left, with master’s and doctoral degrees, as a force of nature. Or perhaps we should say “graduated as a force of nature,” since she has never really left us, staying on as a teacher, a mentor, and an employer to many grads at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is “one of ours,” and she is “one of us.”

That is where a Hopkins Nursing degree can take you. Join us. And enjoy the Summer 2016 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine.Patricia M. Davidson
PhD, MEd, RN
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

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