School Welcomes New Faculty

School Welcomes New Faculty

Nearly two dozen new members have been added to the faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, an injection of experience and diversity that will enrich and enliven the educational experience here for years to come.

A warm welcome to Rita D’aoust, associate dean for teaching and learning; assistant professors Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Brian Hansen, Kimberly McIltrot, Nicole Mollenkopf, Susan Renda, Jennifer Trautmann, and Janiece Walker; instructors Audra Rankin and Erin Wright; clinical instructors Hope Agen-Davis, Janelle Akomah, Kathi Johnson, Nicole Johnson, Colleen King, Susan L’Heureux, Alison Pirie, Mishiko Redd, and Amanda Rohde; faculty associate Chao-Hsing Yeh; and research associate Natalie Regier.

Their bios are currently being added to the Faculty Directory at Expect to hear more from—and about—them soon.

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