Reaching Youth

On Thursday we received an email from one of our Master’s Entry into Nursing students, and it wasn’t your typical email…

“I wanted to share this picture my 6 yr-old daughter, Briana, drew for me yesterday. I am a student in the MEN Cohort II (Spring Start). Recently I have been struggling with balancing the workload of this demanding program with my two children complaining of how I “always have homework.” Coming home to this yesterday made me realize that even with all of the sacrifices my children and my family are having to make for me to complete this program, the lasting impact your institution will have on my daughter is astounding; something no amount of money could ever buy. She may not understand why I don’t have as much time to “go shopping” with her, or “play with dolls” as often as I used to (we STILL find time, just less 🙁 ), she still sees JHU as a positive and important part of our lives. She is learning the value of hard work and the importance of studying/preparing with homework assignments. On the far left she drew a tall building labeled “Botmole” (Baltimore), with the school of Nursing in the center. She is holding a sign at the bottom that says “I Love ‘Jone’ (John) Hopkins”, and again “I Love John Hopkins” at the top. I don’t know why she loves this school, as I’ve been worried it is too much for her to handle my absences, but it is clear I am in her heart everyday while she learns things like Common Core math, and reading comprehension from chapter books in 1st Grade. Thank you for this opportunity and for the lasting imprint you’ll leave on generations to come. Hope you enjoy this fine art as much as I do! ?”kids drawing

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