Pardon Our Dust

Spring 2016 As Seen in Our Spring 2016 Issue
Pardon Our Dust

As you perhaps have seen or heard, renovations are under way on the Anne M. Pinkard Building, home of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing since 1998.

When built, Pinkard was a state-of-the-art facility and it remains a lovely structure. But few would disagree that several of its spaces could be much better utilized to meet significant changes in technology and nursing education. Outside signage could also do a better job of letting the rest of the community know we’re here, and so it will in the very near future.

The renovations are part of a larger plan to analyze how we can transform the campus into a more flexible and forward-looking environment focused on the student experience and bolstering the research mission of the School of Nursing. JHSON administrators are working with Hord Coplan Macht and William Rawn Associates, architectural firms that have teamed up to conduct a feasibility study to improve the Pinkard Building.

Watch for updates. 

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