Legacy: Living and Coming of Age Inside the Redline

Legacy: Living and Coming of Age Inside the Redline

Wednesday night was the first of four discussions for the Red-Lining Baltimore series focused on racism and neighborhood policies in Baltimore, sponsored by the 21st Century Cities initiative. Johns Hopkins had a strong presence at the event as the following people were in attendance:

  • Mindi Levin, founder and director of SOURCE
  • Lori Edwards, former JHSON faculty member
  • Dr. Gross, current JHSON faculty member and director of ChiPP Baltimore
  • Megan Barrett, JHSON’s director of student affairs
  • Nikki Akinleye, current JHSON master’s entry into nursing program student
  • Ronald Daniels, President of JHU

The overall theme for Red-Lining Baltimore is “Geographies of Exclusion and Conversations of Inclusion.” If you missed last night’s event, don’t worry! There are still three more discussions within the series to attend. All events are held from 6-8 p.m. and will be on the following dates at their respective locations:

April 13 – Reginald Lewis Museum, 830 E Pratt Street

April 20 – The Jewish Museum, 15 Llyod Street

May 4 – Parks & People, 2100 Liberty Heights Avenue


Pictured above: Speakers (Photo credit: Ben Seigel)

pres daniels speaking

Pictured above: President Daniels (Photo credit: Ben Seigel)


Pictured above from left to right: M. Levin, L. Edwards, D. Gross

dgross mbarrett nakinleye

Pictured above from left to right: N. Akinleye, M. Barrett, D. Gross


Pictured above: Crowd (Photo credit: Ben Seigel)

police commissioner

Pictured above from left to right: K. David, S. Sohn, E. Talbert, B. Seigel (Photo credit: Ben Seigel)


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