A Full House of FAANs

Fall 2015 As Seen in Our Fall 2015 Issue
A Full House of FAANs

Two more Johns Hopkins School of Nursing faculty members were added to this year’s list of honorees at the American Academy of Nursing’s Fellows induction ceremony. Plus, joining Fellow inductees Sharon Kozachik, PhD, RN, and Jennifer Wenzel, PhD, RN, CCM, at the October event were Fannie Gaston-Johansson, PhD, RN, who received the Living Legends award, and Laura Gitlin, PhD, inducted as an Honorary Fellow.

“Drs. Kozachik, Gaston-Johansson, Wenzel, and Gitlin live out exceptional commitments to caring for people and enhancing the quality of health across the world,” says Dean Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN. (Davidson and Gaston-Johansson are Fellows, as are more than 40 percent of full-time SON faculty.) “I am proud of their work and the perspectives they bring to nursing research, education, and practice.”

Kozachik’s research focuses on the relationship between pain and disturbed sleep and the mechanisms that underlie their co-occurrence.

Wenzel, who focuses on disparities in cancer care and research, has been recognized through prestigious early career faculty awards from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

Gaston-Johansson, professor emerita and a University Distinguished Professor, is being celebrated for work that has made a lasting impact on the profession, including research on health disparities and the sensory and emotional components of pain. Gaston-Johansson has received numerous citations from the U.S. Congress and the government of Sweden for her international research efforts.

As a research sociologist in collaboration with nurses and other disciplines, Gitlin, who is not a nurse, has developed innovative treatments for older adults with dementia and minority populations with depressive symptoms.  

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