Perspire to Inspire

Perspire to Inspire

Professor Runs with Friends for Friends in the Congo

What motivates a person to run seven marathons in seven days? For Professor Nancy Glass, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN it was an endless passion for gender equality and a hope for a brighter future for women and families in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In May, Glass was part of a seven–runner team that tackled the “Run Across Congo,” a trek along the shores of the DRC’s LakeKivu (nearly 200 miles) to raise money and awareness for women and women’s empowerment programs in the nation. A difficult feat, yes, but to Glass it was a minor challenge in comparison to the struggles residents in the country have endured for many years as a result of war, poverty, and violence.“I have always been amazed at the kindness, resilience, and hospitality of our neighbors in the Congo. Every opportunity to build relationships and empower these women is worth embracing,” she says.

Through the #Give7 campaign, the team asked for $7 donations from supporters across the world to help Congolese families buy food, receive healthcare, enroll children in schools, and pay bills. Glass, associate dean for research at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, raised more than $10,000 through her fundraising site.She is no stranger to advocating for women in the DRC and has long been involved in the Congo community through her Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience microfinance programs, but to be able to combine her love for the people and the sport into one experience is what Glass describes as the “event of a lifetime.”

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