Ahoy Saint Croix

Ahoy Saint Croix

April 29

We made it!

This was a particularly hectic day.  We arrived at school at 7:00 to pack the suitcases.  We were so happy to see all of the donations that we received!  Walgreens donated glucometers, test strips, & lancets.  CVS donated hand sanitizer, trash bags, a sharps container, zip lock bags, posters, and index cards.  Kristie and Kate when to UMD dental clinic to try to get dental supplies to give out to at schools or the health fair, but they needed more time to submit a donation request.  So instead, we used a $100 gift card from Target to purchase a bunch of dental care products.

Wald Clinic donated condoms and global nursing dept donated blood pressure cuffs.

Dean Davidson also came to talk to us to check how we were getting to the airport and was concerned for our safety regarding the riots & curfew.  She arranged transport for Liz & Michael and had her office write them a letter just in case there were complications.  I thought it was really kind of her to do that.

Then we had two classes. I went back to my parents to see them before I left and to hang out with Matt a little bit before going to Melinda’s home in Potomac.  Kristie, Melinda, and I packed the suitcases again (because they were over 50 lbs.) and finish final prep before heading off to St. Croix!

April 30

We’re off!

To read more about our St. Croix Public Health Group journey check out the full blog post here!

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