At Home in East Baltimore

At Home in East Baltimore

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You could throw a snowball from the School of Nursing courtyard and hit the East Baltimore home where Brittany Kelly grew up. Don’t do that, of course. (C’mon, we’ve discussed this.) Just understand that she’s a local kid making good on a dream of being a nurse serving the community she grew up in — as an inspiration as well as a healthcare provider.

brittany_0076She’s also been patient. See, this video has been in the review process so long I worried she’d graduate before she saw the final version. Brittany was great. The shooting/editing team of Chris Hartlove and Jes Goodyear was great. It’s just … oh, heck, let’s say “my bad” and leave it at that.

You first met Brittany Kelly in a little magazine profile I wrote for the Summer 2014 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing. Meet her again.

I hope you — and more important, Brittany — will agree it was worth the wait.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the other student videos we’ve done so far, here’s your chance:

– Steve St. Angelo

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