The Association of Student Parents: A Resource for YOU

The Association of Student Parents: A Resource for YOU

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Student Parent…sounds sort of like an oxymoron. You see them all around but may not realize it unless you catch a peek at his iPad background image or her lucky kid-krafted bracelet.  Some may seem slightly preoccupied, but most are extremely determined. I call them The Supers: people out to rule their world, who have unique life experiences that guide their decisions, and who also have little people watching their every move.


The Association of Student Parents was established to support Student Parents. Recognizing all of their amazing time commitments, we serve as a resource rather than a bunch of activities. Our intention is to promote the educational pursuits of parents and help address their unique


Our current goal is to discover all of the Student Parents at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Because there is no official method of referral, we count on random and self referral. Please email [email protected] to be added to the Student Parent Network.

Your support is tremendous and your stories have the power to propel both current students and interested students at large! We aim to be represented at every single Open House, Accepted Student Day, New Student Orientation and Student Resource Event!!! Please email [email protected] if you desire to be a Student Parent Representative and share your powerful story! 


If you are on Facebook, find us @

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And lastly, Alumni and students without children are welcome to support and share ideas! Please email [email protected] 

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