TIPS by tia

TIPS by tia


I attended 3 Open Houses at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing over the span of five years before I gathered the courage to apply. When I finally applied and returned for Accepted Students Day and New Student Orientation, I came because I wanted real guidance on how to get the most out of my experience here.

Now I find it an honor and a privilege to sit on Student Panels and be on the advising-end of this exchange. Helping to welcome the incoming Fall Class of 2015 is quite significant as this marks a full year since I began this dream of a journey, and also indicates the commencement of my final semester. So I have posted my humble “Tips” from this year of experience:

Tip #1: You Set the Tone!: Do not allow anyone but yourself to set the tone for your success in this program. Whether well meaning people who warn you of the apocalypse that awaits you or the guy who tells you it’s all a breeze, take responsibility for your own response to  each course and you decide if you are going to be successful.

Tip #2: Don’t Give Up: Go Through– Some of you may get to a point where quitting seems to be the only option. Life will still happen, but please, before giving up, remember why you are here. I reached my breaking point during this program but here I am on the other side! I discovered that the very point of giving up is the same point of a real victory! Sometimes you have to fail forward but remember that there are a vast array of resources available to you. Please use them!

Tip #3: Be S.U.P.E.R.

  • Allow yourself to be Supported.
  • Celebrate and embrace your Uniqueness.
  • Be Present for life! Be 100% present while in class and do the same when with loved ones.
  • Be Engaged within each moment. Make the most of your class and clinical time!
  • Rest is essential. Make sure to relax and rejuvenate.

Tip #4: Consider not Chasing Letters: As a Student Nurse, the focus changes from grades into whether or not you can be trusted to provide safe and comprehensive care to patients. Being comfortable with an A- to achieve this goal, for example, is a positive exchange.

Tip #5: Be willing to change! For example, I had to be changed from that Night-before crammer, Super SLACKER Extraordinaire, into someone who needed to invest time in truly knowing this material and being able to demonstrate my knowledge in the clinical setting. This program has the power to transform you into an actual, highly skilled professional. That is the point, right?

Tip #6: Don’t forget your humanity: Please try to remember that your instructors are human, and with JHUSON as #1, you have to trust that they are doing something right! Before you form a massive mob of complaining people, remember your humanity and don’t forget your reasons for being here. These are the same people from which you are going to need references of your character. Respect is key.

Tip #7: Be strategic: Once you have established your study plan and have become comfortable with the testing style, find ways to strategically add professional and service experiences that will allow you to network. Your Winter Break is great for this. Some even get job offers pretty early this way. When you consider why you are here in the first place, the time commitment will be worth it.

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