Don’t Get Down and Give In; Go Through and Look Up!

toy-story-going thru

Disney’s Toy Story 3 was the very first movie we’ve ever owned  for our kids. Our now 4 year old absolutely loved the opening Train Hero scene and went ballistic every time he watched Buzz and Woody save the day! But for me, the memorable scene displayed above became the most significant and powerful.

In this scene, Woody and his crew faced eminent destruction. From their point of view, the stark reality was that they were going to be burned to ashes. Now imagine with me that these Toys decided to give in. Let’s say they decided: “It’s not worth the screaming, the struggle nor the painful wait; let’s just give in and jump into the fire.” Now if destruction was eminent, such an action would make sense. “Why endure the wait and suffering–let’s just get it over with!” Well many of us remember what happened next: but it all began with what developed within the displayed scene. The toys looked at each other earnestly and linked hands. If they were going down, they were going down together in both strength and unity. If they were going down; they would do so with their last breath. And with faith they closed their and decided to go through:


I feel inspired to be transparent to the fact that through portions of this Accelerated Program, it appeared as if giving up was the only safe and logical solution to my challenges. But as someone who had grown accustomed to giving up due to fear, and having discovered that these actions have never promoted progress, I decided that instead of giving up to the unknown, I would close my eyes in faith and go through the flames.  Failure appeared obvious and whatever progress I made was really painful. I struggled and I cried many times. But as I went through I spoke up, I advocated for myself, and I clung on to my support. And yes, I too looked up to discover the miraculous saving power of God that enabled me to prevail victoriously! And never in my wildest dreams would I have known that my challenges were there to transform me into a competent and compassionate professional clinician.

Our academic lives may fade to other very serious situations within which there appears to be no solution. For someone who has gone through such challenges and lives to tell about it, please Don’t Get Down and Give In; Go Through and Look Up!

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