Scoliosis and Beyonce

Scoliosis and Beyonce

You never know when singing along to the radio will come in handy. Today it aided in a genuine and beautiful cultural exchange during an interim between school periods at John H. Woodson Jr. High School, where four of us were screening for scoliosis. Yes, we were belting out beats and cutting the absence of a rug with students in the nurse’s office during the lunch hour. Our version of “Let it Go” completely beat out all other versions.

In our defense, it helped build a rapport with students and aided in the completion of the two day screening process, which had not been done the year prior due to a need for skilled manpower. Those from the mainland learned Latin dancing. In thanks, the Crucian’s learned some Irish dance.

What we are learning about public health is that it is fundamentally about relationships. You have to be with and connect with the population you are serving. Otherwise any action you take is essentially pointless.




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