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Fall/Winter 2013 As Seen in Our Fall/Winter 2013 Issue
Class News


Class Reporter – Betty Borenstein Scher

A phone call from Anna Clair Junkin offered news that she is recuperating nicely from her minor stroke. She has little energy, but is trying to stay positive. Cora Jane Lawrence wrote a nice, long letter describing how much she loves living in her residence near Seattle, WA. She has a beautiful view of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier. She stays busy hosting lunches for former classmates, attending the State Fair, and enjoying the rides and exhibits there. In her words, “It is so great to be independent and yet have all the essentials provided.”


Class Reporters – Carolyn Boykin Clarke and Doris Zimmerman

Ten members of the Class of 1953 gathered for dinner at the Johns Hopkins Club to celebrate our 60th reunion. Attending the dinner were: Marian Jones Brennan, Erma Guy Caldwell, Carolyn Croker Boykin Clarke, Jane Williams Cole, Shirley Hale, Joan Tunicliffe Hurlock, Nancy Loubell Neal, Carol Dolly Schmid, Joan Williams, and Doris Perkinson Zimmerman. We had a great time catching up and reliving some of the funnier experiences of our nurse’s training. I was amazed at how involved and active our classmates are, with such vigor and love of life. We had the opportunity to meet the new Dean of the School on Saturday and were impressed with her address. We felt fortunate to have a new strong leader for the School.


Class Reporter – Genie Wessel

 Greetings, Girls of the ’60s! I was asked to do a paragraph about our 50th Reunion to go with our class picture. But as I started to write, it came to me that the reunion was different for each of us. So I ask you to look at the picture, then close your eyes and see your favorite memory, remember the smiles of friends, the warmth of hugs, listening to the tour guides who led us through the tunnel or the hospital, but seeing our old familiar places through the new facades, remembering those not with us, feeling that medallion in our hands honoring us. Now open your eyes and remember the words from graduation. … You will be better women for the life you have led here. But what I mean by better is that the eyes of your soul have been opened, the range of your sympathy widened and your characters molded. So hold on to your memory of our 50th, stay well, be blessed, and see you at the 55th!


Class Reporter – Gerry Peterson [email protected]

I couldn’t make it to this year’s Alumni Weekend, but I will definitely be at next year’s. Can you believe 50 years? I believe that everyone who is reachable has been found by now by Eileen Sweetland Leinweber. Diane Demerest Becker, Susan Gormley Buchanan, and Mary Jo Steenbergen Kubeluis are our Baltimore contacts for planning purposes. With luck, Martha Norton Hill, having retired from the Deanship but not her faculty position, will be with us throughout. Tell us about yourself and your school memories and catch up with classmates at (Use Members Login box, your email is your login, osler is your password.) The Class of ’64 will, once again, show them how it’s done. Contact me any time, and see you in September 2014.


Class Reporters – Melinda Rhoads and Sandy Zeiler

Twenty members of the Class of 1968 returned to Hopkins for the 45th Reunion. In attendance were: Gloreen Kenyon Brandreth, Jean Davis (Buchholz); Amy Gibson Davis; Susan Muchemore DelRosario; Sue Dietrich Derrenbacher; Joanne Batzinger Frank; Susan Gardner; Janie Kline Gruenebaum; Judi Mandik Hall; Ruth Mosely Hall; Linda Renninger Jonides; Linda Cloxton Kaufman; Eunice Searles King; Joy Hofstad Kruger-Asche; Melinda Rhoads; Jane Kirk Roberts; Jean Stauffer Roberts; Marsha Lutton Slivka; Mary Marziotto Sweeny; and Sandra Bollinger Zeiler. We had a wonderful time looking at old photographs and reminiscing about our student nursing escapades. Everyone agreed we should strive for a larger turnout in 2018 (our 50-year mark!!). Many of us are now retired and quite a few professed to a degree of skill with social media (Facebook). So if you didn’t make it back to Baltimore this year, please reconnect and join in next time.


Geraldine Fitzgerald was appointed to lead the team for the International Lactation Consultant Association at the United Nations. They are members of the United Nations Breastfeeding Advocacy Team of the UN NGO Committee and are currently working on a UN document on the Rights of the Child.


Class Reporter – Sue Appling

Sixteen members of the class of ’73 (and a few brave husbands) met for tapas, wine, and dinner at Pazo Restaurant at Inner Harbor East on Friday evening to catch up, share stories and pictures of children and grandchildren, and to sing our favorite song (Oh it’s beer, beer, beer…). We gathered on Saturday for our class picture and toured the old and new hospital as well as the School of Nursing, including the Simulation Labs (a step up from Ms. Chase!). Several classmates were unable to attend due to illness or last-minute events. For those and all who were able to come this year….mark your calendars for September 2018 … our 45th!!


Class Reporter – Kate Shaver

We had a tiny turnout at our 25th JHUSON reunion. Jamie MaherRenee Love, and Kate Shaver (aka Kathy Miller) were the only attendees. The Bond Street Social event was fantastic! The food was excellent and the venue very comfortable. It provided an opportunity to meet new students, and get the news of our instructors (who was still teaching, who was retired, and who had passed away). Chatting with Sue Appling was a highlight! The Class of ’88 attended the Friday morning breakfast then went on a private hospital tour provided by Jamie, who still works at JHH. Renee is at the VA in Maryland, and Kate at Kaiser Sunnyside in Clackamas, OR.


Accelerated Reported by Alison Paige Smith: We had a wonderful weekend with glorious weather and ate our body weight in crab cakes and shrimp. I had a chance to meet the new Dean, Patricia Davidson, and hear her address the alumni. I think the future of the SON is in great hands. I also had the chance to meet many current students, a very sharp and ambitious bunch. Know that your generous gifts are funding very bright futures. We missed everyone who was unable to attend, but understand this is a busy time in our work and/or family lives.


Jacqueline (Jackie) D’Amico Good recently completed her MSN and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at the University of New Mexico and is currently waiting to take her boards and find a job as a PNP.


Lorinda Fontaine Farris is currently working for the Department of the Army at Fort Meade in Maryland and has also served as Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Air Force at Andrews Air Force Base. Her best class memory is of “the gang”–Carole, Barbara, Gwen, Leslie, and Kathleen. Chris Stainton is currently doing outreach at an abused women’s shelter in Philadelphia. She educated Caribbean men and women on birth control and disease and her writing was published by Saunders Publishing.


Accelerated Cynthia Henry Thurlow recently completed training as a Wellness Coach through ACSM & Harvard University. She works part-time for Virginia Heart, a large private-practice cardiology group in Northern Virginia. Esmeralda Liu Matthews earned a Master’s Degree and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from the University of Maryland Baltimore. She is currently working in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center.


Jhodie delos Reyes Garcia-Martinez said, “After tying the knot in Hawaii in 2011 and spending our first wedding anniversary in the Philippines in 2012, my husband and I finally decided to move to O’ahu last April. I’m currently working as a RN Case Manager for Hawaii Pacific Health. So far it’s been an adventure living in Waikiki, going up to North Shore for shave ice, my husband surfing right before work, snorkeling with the honus (turtles) at Hanauma Bay, day trips to the Big Island & Maui, and simply having dinner with friends by the ocean. Julianna Kim is living in Los Altos, CA, where she works in the Neonatal ICU at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Since graduation, she has also earned her MSN in Nursing Administration from San Francisco State University. Bethany Frazier earned an MA in Intercultural Studies and works in community health in Southeast Asia. Sarah Payne Smith received an MS in Health Services Leadership and Management in Nursing Education from the University of Maryland. She is currently working at Johns Hopkins Hospital as a Nurse Educator for the New Graduate Residency Program.


Accelerated Jill Ibex earned her MS in Community and Public Health Nursing from the University of Maryland in 2009. She currently works as a Nurse Consultant at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and recently married Ben Garver in September.


Andrea M. Lopez (Young) graduated with her MSN as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in June and passed the board for certification in July. She is working in private practice in Media, PA, still finds time to work a few hours per diem at the University of Pennsylvania, and has returned to the SON to teach public health nursing clinical this fall–all of this while balancing her family of three boys (2, 5, and 12)!


Accelerated Sarah Camilla Balensiefer currently resides in Citrus Heights, CA, where she works as a nurse at the Cancer Center at Sutter General Hospital. Mikyong Hong worked on Weinberg 4C at Johns Hopkins Hospital but recently relocated to Missoula, MT with her husband and young son in July 2013. Sucheep Piyasirisilp is currently enrolled in the CAMC School of Anesthesia in Charleston, WV. She is looking forward to becoming a Nurse Anesthetist in 2014. Jeri Hanly is currently living in Grand Junction, CO, where she works as a bedside nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital.


In memoriam – Johns Hopkins

Mary Callahan ‘37
Ruth Jackson Ragan ‘39
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd ‘39
Pauline Bristol Noonan ‘40
Frances Huckestein ‘42
Eloise Brinkman Rice ‘45
Mary Maguire Storen ‘45
Elizabeth Purnell Carlson ‘46
Margie Gilliam Watkins ‘47
Betty Borenstein Scher ‘50
Marjorie McGinnes Park ‘53
Marianne Grube Hughes ‘54
Janice Powell Hebble ‘55
Judith Fraser Parente ‘58
Patricia Ransom Robinson ‘59
Susan Moore Franks ‘63
Janice C. Larsen ‘64
Cynthia Cohen, MSN ’93
Jocelyn Anne Farrar, Grad Studies Certificate 2009

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