An Eye-Catching Class T-Shirt

Fall/Winter 2013 As Seen in Our Fall/Winter 2013 Issue
An Eye-Catching Class T-Shirt

Members of the Fall ’13 cohort wanted to have a little fun and create “a little swag” as a memento of their time at the School and in Baltimore. Quick as a wink, there it was: “Bmore Caring.”

The design is cute, says it all, is so Baltimore, and was—what else around these parts?—a team effort.

“It’s really cool to see people wearing them around,”Amy LeBailly, one of the cohort ringleaders alongside Carlee Peck, says of the tees, tank tops, and hoodies featuring a winking male or female nurse.

LeBailly is quick to credit the designer, Christine Giuffrida of O’Postrophy Designs in York, PA, for coming up with a perfect image, getting it turned into apparel, keeping it affordable enough for the average nursing student’s budget, and making it available online so the cohort leaders wouldn’t have to handle the actual sales. The tees and tanks went for $22, the hoodies for $42.

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