Haiti- Day 1

Bonjou, Haiti! We have arrived!

After having a marathon of packing our donations and last minute fundraiser bake sale, our work and preparation has finally come to harvest.

We woke up bright and early for our 6am flight out of Baltimore-Washington Airport.  We all settled into our flight from Baltimore to Miami comfortably sleeping when the flight attendant announced over the PA system “Is there a doctor or nurse on board?” Instantly every one of us perked up.  Our wonderful clinical instructor came to rescue along with a physician.  They were able to get the passenger the necessary help he needed.  Our flight from Miami to Port-au -Prince was thankfully uneventful.

We landed in Port-au-Prince with vistas of both mountains, turquoise sea and even a sunken ship!  It’s amazing that there can be so much poverty in such a beautiful place.  What’s up with that?  Guess you can’t live on scenery, alone.

Tonight, we are staying in Dalmas for the night at Matthew 25, a faith-based organization that hosts relief and missionary workers, including bright-eyed students that are readying themselves to venture out to more rural areas of Haiti.  It is an oasis, with brightly painted walls and tables, potable water in big culligan jugs in the airy kitchen, and wifi available.  Our dinner was a delicious bend of Haitian-American cuisine.

Tomorrow we are off to our final destination Jérémie.

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