Scholarly Publications July 2012-July 2013

Scholarly Publications July 2012-July 2013

A Sampling of Faculty ResearchAmer-Jrnl-Psych
Asterisk* denotes lead author status

Advanced Critical Care
“Principled moral outrage: An antidote to moral distress?”
Cynda H. Rushton*
January/March 2013

“Intimate partner violence and HIV risk factors among
African-American and African-Caribbean women in
clinic-based settings”
Marguerite B. Lucea, Jessica E. Draughon, Bushra Sabri, Jocelyn C. Anderson,
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
September 2012

American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
“Identification of and beliefs about depressive symptoms and preferred treatment approaches among community-living older African Americans”
Laura N. Gitlin* & colleagues
May 2012

American Journal of Infection Control
“Prevalence, risk factors and molecular epidemiology of MRSA nasal and axillary colonization among psychiatric patients on admission to an academic medical center”
Jason Farley* & colleagues
December 2012

American Journal of Psychiatry
“Good news for dementia care: caregiver interventions reduce behavioral symptoms in people with dementia and family distress”
Laura N. Gitlin*
September 2012

American Journal of Reproductive Immunology
“Forced sex and HIV risk in violent relationships”
Jacquelyn Campbell,* Marguerite B. Lucea, Jessica Draughon & colleague
October 2012

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
“Depressive symptoms and impaired physical function after acute lung injury: a 2-year longitudinal study”
Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb & colleagues
March 2012

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
“Needs of persons with serious mental illness following discharge from inpatient treatment”
Linda D. Gerson* & colleague
August 2012

Archives of Women’s Mental Health
“A longitudinal study of maternal attachment and infant development outcomes”
Jeanne L. Alhusen,* Matthew J. Hayat & Deborah Gross
June 2013

Biological Research for Nursing
“Incorporating salivary biomarkers into nursing research”
Douglas A. Granger,* Sarah L. Szanton & colleagues
September 2012

“Sex differences in pain responses at maturity following neonatal repeated minor pain exposure in rats”
Gayle G. Page*, Sharon Kozachik & Matthew J. Hayat
January 2013

BMC Geriatrics
“A community-integrated home-based depression intervention for older African Americans”
Laura N. Gitlin* & colleagues
Vol. 12, 2012

BMC Health Services Research
“Health transitions in recently widowed older women: a mixed methods study”
Marie T. Nolan & colleagues
April 2013

“Lung protective mechanical ventilation and two year survival in patients with acute lung injury: prospective cohort study”
Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb & colleagues
April 2012

Brain, Behavior, and Immunity
“Stress and skin leukocyte trafficking as a dual-stage process”
Gayle G. Page & colleagues
February 2012

Cancer Nursing
Who will drop out and who will drop in–correlates to exercise adherence and contamination in a RCT among patients receiving active cancer treatment
Jennifer Wenzel, Sharon Krumm & colleagues
July-August 2012

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
“Cancer support and resource needs among African-American older adults”
Jennifer Wenzel*, Rachel Klimmek, Sharon Krumm & colleagues
August 2012

Clinical Journal of Pain
“Enhanced cortisol increase upon awakening is associated with greater pain ratings but not salivary cortisol or soluble tumor necrosis factor-a receptor II responses to acute pain”
Gayle G. Page & colleagues
May 2012

Clinical Simulation in Nursing
“Creating a professional development plan for a simulation consortium”
Pamela R. Jeffries* & colleagues
December 2012

“Clinical simulation in health care–contemporary learning for safety and practice”
Pamela Jeffries & colleague
October 2012

Conflict and Health
ìA Congolese community-based health program for survivors of sexual violence
Nancy E. Glass
August 2012

Ethnicity & Disease
“Education, income and disability in African-Americans”
Sarah L. Szanton & colleagues
January 2013

European Journal of Heart Failure
“Targeted intervention improves knowledge but not self-care or readmissions in heart failure patients with mild cognitive impairment”
Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb, Jerilyn K. Allen & colleagues
September 2012

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
“Reflexology versus Swedish massage to reduce physiologic stress and pain: a pilot study”
Nancy A. Hodgson* & colleague
July 2012

Geriatric Nursing
“Nursing strategies for promoting and maintaining function among community-living older adults: the CAPABLE Intervention”
Elizabeth K. Tanner, Jill Roth, Carmalyn D. Dorsey, Sarah L. Szanton & colleagues
November-December 2012

“Knowledge and Injury Prevention Practices in Homes of Older Adults”
Sarah L. Szanton & colleagues
January 2013

“Prevalence and associated factors of dysphagia in nursing home residents”
Hae-Ra Han & colleagues
May-June 2013

The Gerontologist
“The Republic of Chile: An upper middle-income country at the crossroads of economic development and aging”
Laura Gitlin* & colleague
June 2012

“Assistive devices in context: the cross-sectional association between challenges in the home environment and use of assistive devices for mobility”
Sarah L. Szanton & colleagues
April 2013

Health Care for Women International
“HIV risk, partner violence, and relationship power among Filipino young women: testing a structural model”
Marguerite B. Lucea,* Joan Kub, Jacquelyn Campbell & colleague
April 2012

“Matroniya: the lived experiences of rural auxiliary midwives in Koutiala Mali”
Nicole Warren* & colleagues
May 2012

“Family and community rejection and a Congolese led mediation intervention to reintegrate rejected survivors of sexual violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo”
Nancy E. Glass & colleagues
September 2012

“The context of condom use among young adults in the Philippines: implications for HIV prevention”
Marguerite B. Lucea,* Joan Kub, Linda Rose & colleagues
March 2013

Heart and Lung
“Identifying cognitive impairment in heart failure: A review of screening measures”
Karen K. Davis* & Jerilyn K. Allen
March 2013

Home Healthcare Nurse
“Translating best care practices to improve nursing documentation regarding patients dependent on home mechanical ventilation and/or tracheostomy tube”
Julie A. Stanik-Hutt & colleague
January 2013

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
“Factors associated with caregiver readiness to use nonpharmacological strategies to manage dementia-related behavioral symptoms”
Laura N. Gitlin* & colleague
May 2013

International Journal of Health Services
“Perceived racial discrimination and mental health in low-income, urban-dwelling whites”
Kelly M. Bower* & colleagues
May 2013

International Journal of Infection Control
“An infection control audit in 10 primary health-care facilities in the Western Cape Province of South Africa”
Carrie Tudor, Jason Farley & colleagues
July 2012

International Journal of Nursing
“Comparative analysis of nursing shortage”
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
July 2012

Issues in Mental Health Nursing
“Disordered eating among African American and African Caribbean Women: The influence of intimate partner violence, depression, and PTSD”
Marguerite B. Lucea,* Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
August 2012

JAMA Pediatrics
“Asymptomatic sexually active adolescents and young adults should not be screened for herpes simplex virus”
Hayley D. Mark*
June 2013

Journal for Nurse Practitioners
“Kawasaki syndrome and streptococcal scarlet fever: a clinical review”
Jacqueline O’Connell* & Elizabeth Sloand
May 2013

“Nonattendance with clinic follow-up appointments: diabetes as exemplar”
Elie Salameh,* Sharon Olsen & colleagues
November/December 2012

Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing
“Nursing children after a disaster: a qualitative study of nurse volunteers and children after the Haiti earthquake”
Elizabeth Sloand,* Grace Ho, Rachel Klimmek, Anthony Pho & Joan Kub
July 2012

Journal of Addictions Nursing
“Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and the role of nursing”
Christine Savage
October 2012

Journal of Adolescence
“Focus on methodology, salivary bioscience and research on adolescence: an integrated perspective”
Douglas A. Granger* & colleagues
August 2012

Journal of Advanced Nursing
“Re-examining definitions of spirituality in nursing research”
Katie Garcia Reinert* & colleague
April 2013

“Experience of social role strain in Korean women with type 2 diabetes”
Hyunjeong Park* & Jennifer Wenzel
August 2012

Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
“Does a 30-minute quality improvement clinical practice meeting reviewing the recommended papanicolaou-test guidelines for adolescents improve provider adherence to guidelines in a pediatric primary care office?”
Rebecca L. Lozman,* Elizabeth Sloand & colleague
April 2013

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
“Feasibility and validity of dementia assessment by trained community health workers based on clinical dementia rating”
Hae-Ra Han* & colleagues
June 2013

Journal of the American Medical Association
“Nonpharmacologic management of behavioral symptoms in dementia”
Laura N. Gitlin* & colleagues
November 2012

Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association
“Characteristics of patients with histories of multiple seclusion and restraint events during a single hospitalization”
Deborah Gross & colleague
May-June 2012

Journal of Asthma
“Factors associated with completion of a behavioral intervention for caregivers of urban children with asthma”
Arlene M. Butz,* Joan Kub & colleagues
November 2012

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
“ìDaytime secretion of salivary cortisol and alpha-amylase in preschool-aged children with autism and typically developing children”
Douglas A. Granger & colleagues
December 2012

Journal of Cancer Education
“Lessons learned in developing a culturally adapted intervention for African-American families coping with parental cancer”
Nancy Hodgson & colleagues
July 2012

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
“Patient education strategies for hospitalized cardiovascular patients: a systematic review”
Yvonne Commodore-Mensah* & Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb
March 2012

“Translation and validation of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension for Koreans Intervention: culturally tailored dietary guidelines for Korean Americans with high blood pressure”
Hae-Ra Han & colleagues
September 2012

“New evidence and policy support primary care-based weight loss interventions”
Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb*
September-October 2012

“Community-based health interventions in vulnerable populations: a systematic review”
Benita Walton-Moss,* Laura Samuel, Tam H. Nguyen, Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Matthew J. Hayat & Sarah L. Szanton
April 2013

“Cost-effectiveness of nurse practitioner/community health worker care to reduce health disparities”
Jerilyn K. Allen,* Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb, Sarah L. Szanton & colleague
April 2013

“Mobile phone interventions to increase physical activity and reduce weight: a systematic review”
Janna Stephens* & Jerilyn K. Allen
July-August 2013

“Measuring self-care in patients with hypertension: a systematic review of literature”
Hae-Ra Han* & colleagues
January 2013

Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing
“Web-based delivery of a preventive parent training intervention: a feasibility study”
Deborah Gross & colleague
May 2013

Journal of Clinical Hypertension
“Antihypertensive medication nonadherence in black men: direct and mediating effects of depressive symptoms, psychosocial stressors, and substance use”
Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb, Martha N. Hill & colleagues
March 2013

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
“Influence of living arrangements on the management and control of hypertension: a mixed-methods study of Korean American elderly”
Hae-Ra Han* & colleagues
July 2012

Journal of Interpersonal Violence
“Patterns of work-related intimate partner violence and job performance among abusive men”
Nancy E. Glass & colleagues
May 2013

Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health
“Cervical cancer screening in the era of human papillomavirus testing and vaccination”
Jeanne Murphy* & Hayley D. Mark
November-December 2012

Journal of the National Black Nurses Association
“Experiences of HIV-positive African-American and African-Caribbean childbearing in women”
Phyllis Sharps & colleagues
July 2012

Journal of Nursing Care Quality
“An organizational assessment of disruptive clinician behavior: findings and implications”
Jo M. Walrath,* Deborah Dang & Dorothy Nyberg
April-June 2013

Journal of Nursing Education
“Development of an institutional review board preapproval process for DNP students: Process and outcome”
Sarah L. Szanton,* Mary Terhaar & colleague
January 2013

Journal of Obstetric, Gynecological and Neonatal Nursing
“The role of mental health on maternal-fetal attachment in low-income women”
Jeanne L. Alhusen,* Deborah Gross, Phyllis Sharps & colleagues
July 2012

Journal of Palliative Care & Medicine
“Integrating palliative care in life-limiting pediatric neuromuscular conditions: the case of SMA-type 1
and duchene muscular dystrophy”
Cynda H. Rushton & colleagues
January 2012

Journal of Pediatric Health Care
“Antipsychotic medication prescribing trends in children and adolescents”
Deborah Gross & colleagues
March 2012

“Stress and quality of life in caregivers of inner-city minority children with poorly controlled asthma”
Joan Kub, Arlene M. Butz & colleagues
March/April 2013

Journal of Pediatric Nursing
“A case study of pediatric pneumonia with empyema”
Vanessa B. Waldrep* & Elizabeth Sloand
May 2013

Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing
“Parental decision making for children with cancer at the end of life: a systematic review”
Katherine Heinze* & Marie T. Nolan
November-December 2012

Journal of Pediatrics
“Intimate partner violence, substance use, and adverse neonatal outcomes among urban women”
Jeanne L. Alhusen,* Marguerite B. Lucea, Linda Bullock & Phyllis Sharps
February 2013

Journal of Perinatal Education
“Improving quality and efficiency of postpartum hospital education”
Barbara Buchko* & Elizabeth Jordan
October/December 2012

Journal of Professional Nursing
“Global health competencies for nurses in the Americas”
Nicole Warren, Jason Farley & colleagues
July-August 2012

“A clinical academic practice partnership: A clinical education redesign”
Pamela R. Jeffries,* Linda Rose, Anne E. Belcher, Elizabeth T. Jordan, Jo M. Walrath, Linda Gerson, Jo Fava Hochuli & colleagues
May-June 2013

Journal of Research in Nursing
“Knowledge and practices of folate and multivitamin supplementation among Jordanian pregnant women”
Christine Savage & colleague
May 2012

Journal of Urban Health
“Evaluation of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program to decrease blood pressure in low-income African-American older adults”
Gayle G. Page, Sarah L. Szanton & colleagues
April 2013

Journal of Vascular Nursing
“Wire vascular closure device: evaluation of an evidence-based protocol for post-endovascular procedure patients”
Susan Appling & colleagues
June 2013

Medical-Surgical Nursing
“Participating in clinical nursing research: challenges and solutions of the bedside nurse champion”
Margie Burnett,* Maureen Lewis, Tameira Joy & Kelly Jarrett
September/October 2012

Minerva Pediatrica
“Overview of the epidemiology and management of childhood obesity”
Lisa Santo Domingo* & colleague
December 2012

Nurse Practitioner
“The patient-centered medical home: transforming primary care”
Andrea P. Schram*
April 2012

Nursing Clinics of North America
“Challenges in providing preventive care to inner-city children with asthma”
Arlene M. Butz,* Joan Kub & colleagues
June 2013

The Oncologist
“Impact of a home-based walking intervention on outcomes of sleep quality, emotional distress and fatigue in patients undergoing treatment for solid tumors”
Jennifer Wenzel* & colleagues
April 2013

Oncology Nursing Forum
“Theory derivation: adaptation of the Illness Trajectory Theory to describe the work of transitional cancer survivorship”
Rachel Klimmek,* Jennifer Wenzel
November 2012

“Serious treatment related adverse drug reactions amongst anti-retroviral naÔve MDR-TB patients”
Jason Farley, Jeanne Garcia Davis & colleague
April 2013

Progress in Community Health Partnerships
“Training of community health workers to deliver cancer patient navigation to rural African American seniors”
Rachel Klimmek,* Jennifer Wenzel & colleagues
Summer 2012

Progress in Transplantation
“Living kidney donors and their family caregivers: Developing an evidenced based education and social support site”
Laura Taylor* & colleagues
June 2012

“Long-term effect of the self-management comprehensive coping strategy program on quality of life in patients with breast cancer treated with high-dose chemotherapy”
Fannie Gaston Johansson,* Nancy Goldstein, Tokunbor Lawal & colleagues
March 2013

“A culturally adapted family intervention for African-American families coping with parental cancer”
Nancy Hodgson & colleagues
September 2012

Qualitative Health Research
“Fathers’ beliefs about parenting and fathersí clubs to promote child health in rural Haiti”
Elizabeth Sloand* & colleagues
April 2012

Quality of Life Research
“Comparison of three societally derived health-state classification values among older African Americans with depressive disorders”
Laura N. Gitlin & colleagues
September 2012

Research in Nursing & Health
“Authorship ethics with the dissertation manuscript option”
Deborah Gross,* Jeanne L. Alhusen & colleagues
October 2012

“The Chicago Parent Program: comparing 1-year outcomes for African American and Latino parents of young children”
Deborah Gross & colleagues
October 2012

Violence Against Women
“Immigrant and nonimmigrant women: Factors that predict leaving an abusive relationship”
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
August 2012

Violence and Victims
“Multiple victimization experiences, resources and co-occurring mental health problems among substance-using adolescents”
Jacquelyn Campbell, Bushra Sabri & colleague
November 2012

Workplace Health and Safety
“Work limitations and their relationship to morbidity burden among academic health center employees with diabetes”
Martha Sylvia,* Marie Nolan, Hae-Ra Han & Kathleen White
October 2012

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