In Memoriam

Josephine Rodgers Fielder ’37
Mary Swan Campbell ’38
Mary Ellen Calhoun Gilson ’40
Lois Hart ’40
Jeannette Loree Hunt ’40
Margaret Harlan Ellis ’43
Roberta Gilray Schmuck ’43
Lahoma Leith French ’44
Dorothea Harper Horsfall ’44
Kathleen Whitley Bialostosky ’45
Margaret Hawkins Abbott ’46
Dorothy McGuire Bailey ’46
Grace Jarnagin Cooley ’46
Ula Ninomiya Girdany ’46
Kathleen Keith Horsley ’46
Elizabeth Toombs Keckler ’46
Janice Perry Kranich ’48
Mary Elizabeth Harris Hanks ’49
Mae McDaniel Teeter ’49
Chuing “Carol” Fang Chang ’51
Georgia Gaskill ’51
Elizabeth Blackburn Giovannini ’51
Dorothy McEwen Whittingham ’51
Olga Melicharek Cutler ’52
Mary “Betsy” Adams deGroot ’55
John Jenkins, husband of Alice Bowers Jenkins ’55
Barbara Shepard Feigenbaum ’61
Lois Youngs McGee ’62
Ronnie Marie Elwell ’63

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