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There’s a Hopkins Nurse Near You

After graduating from nursing school, Kristen Chin, Accel. ’11 moved to Los Angeles and started looking for a job. She reached out to the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association to find out about other alumni in her area, and soon met Rebecca Amrany ’07 and other Hopkins nurses in LA.

“I found much more than just answers to my questions,” says Chin. “I gained greater confidence in my qualifications as a Hopkins nurse, clearer direction for my career and most importantly, inspiration.”

Chin and Amrany decided that Los Angeles needed a community for Hopkins nurses to share their unique experiences, network, and support each other by building lifelong connections.

According to Amrany, “Building a network is important in this economy—but more importantly, I made a supportive friend who understands what it is like to live in Los Angeles and work as an RN.”

Chin and Amrany want to create regular opportunities for Hopkins nurses to meet and connect—either in person or through the online community they are hoping to create. Eventually, they would like to link with other JHU alumni in the Los Angeles Chapter.

LA alumni can check out the group’s website at To get involved, please contact Kristen at [email protected] or Rebecca at [email protected].

To start a JHUSON regional group in your area, contact Lindsay Dorrance, Director of Alumni Relations, at [email protected]

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