2012 Nursing Award Winners

2012 Nursing Award Winners

These outstanding nurses were recognized at the 2012 Nursing Award Ceremony on May 23 in Turner Concourse.

Evidence Based Practice Fellowship

Kim Bissett, MSN, MBA, RN

Linda Arenth Service Excellence Award

Nursing Unit: Nelson 3

The Nursing Excellence Award

Gina Knorr, RN, CCRN; Samantha Young, MSN, RN, CCNS, CCRN;
Sharon Schromsky, RN; Patricia Kell, RN; Mandalyn Schwarz, RN; Betsy Fisher, MA, RN, CWOCN, Oncology, for “The Pressure is on…Nurse Managed Initiative to Identify and Reduce Pressure Ulcers in the ICU.”

Nursing Publication Award

Beth Diehl-Svrjcek, DNP, NNP-BC, CCRN, LNCC; Webra Price-Douglas, PhD, CRNP, IBCLC; and JoAnne Flagg, DNP, CPNP, IBCLC, Pediatrics, for their publication, “Neonatal Glucose Testing via Prompted Intervention During the Pretransport Phase of Care,” in Advanced Neonatal Care, October 2011.

Shirley Somer Award

Betsy Zink, MS, RN; Alex Papangelou, MD; Anthony Frattalone, MD, Neurosciences, for their study, “A Prospective Evaluation of Automated Pupillometry Compared to Conventional Pupillary Assessment in Detection of Clinical Brain Herniation in the ICU.”

Marian Richardson, MSN, RN; Nicole Mills, RN; Amanda Choflet, RN; Lisa Katulis, MPH, MBA, RN, won for their study, “Reducing Severity of Late Toxicities and Improving Functional Well-Being in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy.”

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