Reflection on my first month

I have now been a resident of Baltimore since August 4th and a nursing student at Hopkins for a month. Here is a list of things I have learned, both in and out of school thus far:

1. Navigated how best to travel to and from school (on the free shuttle that my apartment complex provides)

2. Joined the Cooley Center gym and love their variety of group exercise classes:

3. Completed my first clinical rotation as part of the CAPP program (being paired with a nurse instead of a patient)

4. Gone out to some of the fun bars in Federal Hill

5. Completed my first sign off for Principles and Applications where we had to demonstrate correctly taking vital signs and changing a wound dressing

6. Made some new friends in my classes (everyone is extremely friendly and outgoing)

7. Survived my first two tests (and realized that until undergrad, you are in class from 8-5:20 and then go home and study)

8. Make some trips down to the nations capital on the convenient and cheap MARC trains ($7)

9. Started a Work Study job at the Marketing and Communications office at the School of Nursing

10. Been extremely interested in all of the classes and labs at the SON and realized that I look forward to all the new experiences and information I will be exposed to week to week.


Even with the long hours of class I find that I am never staring at the clock wishing to be done for the day, the teachers have been engaging and the hands-on labs have allowed me to put all of my learning into practice right away. It’s Monday and far from “having a case of the Monday’s,” I can’t wait to see what this week will bring!


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