We survived round 1!!

We survived round 1!!

First off CONGRATULATIONS everyone on finishing our first round of tests in nursing school!! I’m sure if you’re anything like me you’re still coming down off the caffeine high and trying to catch up on sleep! It’s amazing how even when they pound it in our heads to go to sleep early before tests I still find myself awake at ridiculous hours….

Anyways, now that the reality of being a Hopkins Nurse has finally set it, I have been able to come up with a routine to survive and get it all done. If I was to describe a “typical” day, I would probably bore you all to death, because let’s face it, we all spend the entire day at the SON, go home, maybe make some dinner, and then start studying some more. But….that’s just during the week right?! So on those few precious days of freedom over the weekends I’ve been attempting to get to know Baltimore better, and little by little it’s starting to grow on me!

I moved up to Baltimore from southern Texas and the love of my life, Texas A&M University, about two weeks before we started orientation. My dad, my dog, myself and my Uhaul made the trek in about 3 days, arriving in Baltimore to my awesome house in Butchers Hill and one of my roommates who had already completely settled in and started getting ready for school! About two days later my other roommate arrived from Minnesota and we all began the epic process of unpacking, organizing, and making countless trips to IKEA. Once we got decently settled in though, we began trying to “experience” Baltimore….

The first week we met up with a bunch of girls from the nursing program for an Orioles game..

I ventured a bus trip to New York City to meet up with a family I lived with in Italy over the summer…

And really, who doesn’t get the goosebumps every time you drive under this?!

So now that we’ve been here over a month, we’ve also managed to venture down to DC, check out some AWESOME restaurants in Upper Fells (definitely check out SALT at the intersection of Pratt St and Collington), and host a little house party on our rooftop! So needless to say, Baltimore and Hopkins is a complete 180 from my home sweet home in south Texas…

But I’m learning to love it and am looking forward to this whole winter/snow thing….new experience for me 🙂


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