Simply Awed…

First week of school…check!

Well, it has come and gone, the official start of classes and first week of school. Thankfully, the professors (all of whom are amazing), kind of held our hands through the process. I am grateful for this support since it would have been easy to become even more overwhelmed than I was with the vast amount of information for each of the classes and the SON itself. The program will be challenging, but I am up for it!!! It was perfect that I got to end the first week with clinical-site orientation. Being assigned to Halsted 3 (Comprehensive Rehabilitation) will definitely be challenging, but it will be a great way start my nursing career!

I’ve been in Baltimore a little over a month now and have had the chance to meet many, if not all, of my classmates. All I can say is that I have never met a more inspiring, dedicated, and genuinely nice group of people in my life. It is hard to remember so many names, well, except for the 8% of guys in the program (we kind of stand out a little), simply because everyone is so amazing! From “Winesday” (thanks Caitlin D.), to JFX Farmer’s Market run-ins (Hi Amy S. and Erin D), to Target runs (thanks Beth C.) I found it’s really hard to keep track of so many stars. Everyone is so “bright!” Yet, I am making it my goal to know everyone on sight by the end of our first semester.

Just checking in…late,

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