New Grants for Nurse Educators

New Grants for Nurse Educators

State Funding Bolsters Maryland Nurses

by Jonathan Eichberger

If money is a deciding factor for students pursuing a nurse educator certificate, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has made that decision easier.

Through a new State of Maryland Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship and Living Expenses Grant, students may receive up to $50,000 over four years.

“Increased funding means more students can take advantage of our nurse educator certificate option, and that translates into more nursing faculty to meet the need of educating the next generation of nurses,” said Pamela R. Jeffries, PhD, RN, associate dean for academic affairs.

The Living Expenses Grant, part of the Nurse Support Program II (NSP II) administered by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) on behalf of the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC), is designed to offset the financial cost of postgraduate programs to expand the number of qualified bedside nurses in Maryland.

As part of the funding agreement, recipients of the Living Expenses Grant must work as full-time faculty members at a Maryland institution: full-time students must work two years for each year of the award; part-time students must work one-and-a-half years for each year of the award. Scholarship awards are automatically renewed annually if students meet eligibility requirements. Previously, the maximum award amount did not exceed $13,000.

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