Scholarly Publications July 2011-June 2012

A Sample of Faculty Research

AACN Advanced Critical Care
“Twenty Years Since Cruzan and the Patient Self-Determination Act: Opportunities for Improving Care at the End of Life in Critical Care Settings”
Cynda Rushton & colleagues
January 2012

Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease
“Improving Blood Pressure Control Among Adults with CKD and Diabetes: Provider-Focused Quality Improvement Using Electronic Health Records”
Bernadette Thomas
November 2011

Aggressive Behavior
“Relation of Intimate Partner Violence to Salivary Cortisol Among Couples Expecting Their First Child”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
August 2011

American Journal of Infection Control
“Department of Health and Human Services Releases New Immersive Simulation Experience to Improve Infection Control Knowledge and Practices Among Health Care Workers and Students”
Jason Farley, Pamela Jeffries & colleagues
April 2012

Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
“A Randomized Trial of Air Cleaners and a Health Coach to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Inner-City Children with Asthma and Secondhand Smoke Exposure”
Arlene Butz & colleagues
August 2011

Biological Psychology
“Diurnal Alpha Amylase Patterns in Adolescents: Associations with Puberty and Momentary Mood States”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
August 2011


BMC Medical Research Methodology
“Assessing Genetic Polymorphisms Using DNA Extracted from Cells Present in Saliva Samples”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
December 2011

Child Development
“Salivary Cortisol Mediates Effects of Poverty and Parenting on Executive Functions in Early Childhood”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
November 2011

Communication Monographs
“Parents’ Communication Skills and Adolescents’ Salivary Alpha-Amylase and Cortisol Response Patterns”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
October 2011

Developmental Psychobiology
“Interparental Aggression and Infant Patterns of Adrenocortical and Behavioral Stress Responses”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
November 2011

Global Public Health
“A Congolese—US Participatory Action Research Partnership to Rebuild the Lives of Rape Survivors and Their Families in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo”
Nancy Glass & colleagues
July 2011

Healthcare for Women International
“Pregnancy and Intimate Partner Violence: How Do Rural, Low-Income Women Cope?”
Phyllis Sharps & colleagues
August 2011

“The Health of Women and Girls Determines the Health and Well-Being of Our Modern World: A White Paper from the International Council on Women’s Health Issues”
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
October 2011

“HIV Risk, Partner Violence, and Relationship Power Among Filipino Young Women: Testing a Structural Model”
Marguerite Lucea, Joan Kub, Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
April 2012

Hormones and Behavior
“Parents’ Testosterone and Children’s Perception of Parent-Child Relationship Quality”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
August 2011

International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
“A National Infection Control Evaluation of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Hospitals in South Africa”
Jason Farley, Carrie Tudor & colleagues
December 2011

International Spotlight
“The Republic of Chile: An Upper Middle-Income Country at the Crossroads of Economic Development and Aging”
Laura Gitlin & colleague
June 2012

Journal of Addictions Nursing
“Alcohol and Tobacco Related Health Inequity: A Population Health Perspective”
Christine Savage
April 2012

Journal of Aging Research
“Editorial: End of Life Research”
Nancy Hodgson & colleagues
July 2011



“Cost Effectiveness of a Home-Based Intervention That Helps Functionally Vulnerable Older Adults Age in Place at Home”
Laura Gitlin & colleagues
October 2011

Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association
“Inflammation and Traumatic Stress: The Society to Cells Resiliency Model to Support Integrative Interventions”
Sarah Szanton & colleague
November 2011

Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
“Genital Herpes Testing Among Persons Living with HIV”
Hayley Mark, Marguerite Lucea, Jason Farley & colleagues
September 2011

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
“Adequate Health Literacy is Associated with Higher Heart Failure Knowledge and Self-Care Confidence in Hospitalized Patients”
Cheryl Dennison-Himmelfarb, Mindy McEntee, Laura Samuel, Brandon Johnson, Alexandra Kielty & colleague
September 2011

“Informal Caregivers’ Experiences of Caring for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure: Systematic Review and Metasynthesis of Qualitative Studies”
Marie Nolan & colleagues
September 2011

The Journal of Clinical Hypertension
“Development and Evaluation of a Hypertension Knowledge Test for Korean Hypertensive Patients”
Hae-Ra Han, Heejung Song, Tam Nguyen, Miyong Kim & colleague
October 2011

Journal of Family Psychology
“The Father–Daughter Dance: The Relationship Between Father–Daughter Relationship Quality and Daughters’ Stress Response”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
February 2012

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
“Utility of a Point-of-Care Device in Recruiting Ethnic Minorities for Diabetes Research with Community Partners”
Soohyn Nam, Hae-Ra Han, Hee-Jung Song, Miyong Kim & colleagues
November 2011

Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health
“What’s New in Sexually Transmitted Infection Management: Changes in the 2010 Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”
Hayley Mark, Elizabeth Jordan, Jomarie Cruz,
and Nicole Warren
May 2012

The Journal of the National Black Nurses Association
“Physicians’ and Nurses’ Experiences of the Influence of Race and Ethnicity on the Quality of Healthcare Provided to Minority Patients, and on Their Own Professional Careers”
Deborah Jones, Fannie Gaston-Johansson & colleagues
July 2011

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing
“The Effectiveness of a Staff Education Program on the Use of Continuous EEG with Patients in Neuroscience Intensive Care Units”
Christine Savage & colleagues
April 2012

Journal of Palliative Medicine
“A Legislatively Mandated Council: A Model for Palliative Care Policy Integration”
Cynda Rushton & colleague
November 2011

Journal of Perinatal Neonatal Nursing
“Hyperoxia in Very Preterm Infants: A Systematic Review of Literature”
Mary Terhaar & colleague
August 2011

Journal of Primary Prevention
“Cost-Effectiveness of Childcare Discounts on Parent Participation in Preventative Parent Training in Low-Income Communities”
Deborah Gross & colleagues
November 2011

Journal of Urban Health
“Evaluation of Mindfulness-Based Intervention Program to Decrease Blood Pressure in Low-Income  African-American Older Adults”
Gayle Page, Sarah Szanton & colleagues
January  2012

Medicine, Conflict and Survival
“Sexual and Gender Based Violence Against Men in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Effects on Survivors, Their Families and the Community”
Mervyn Christian, Nancy Glass & colleagues
January 2012

Nursing Research and Practice
“The Effectiveness and Clinical Usability of a Handheld Information Appliance”
Patricia Abbott
April 2012

Patient Education and Counseling
“Development and Validation of the High Blood Pressure-Focused Health Literacy Scale”
Miyong Kim, Hee-Jung Song, Hae-Ra Han, Youngshin Song, Soohyn Nam, Tam Nguyen & colleagues
May 2012

Public Library of Science (PLoS One)
“Outcomes of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Among a Cohort of South African Patients with High HIV Prevalence”
Jason Farley & colleagues
August 2011

Qualitative Health Research
“Maintaining an Outward Image: A Korean Immigrant’s Life with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension”
Hyunjeong Park, Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim & colleagues
June 2012

Research in Nursing & Health
“Couples Functioning and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in US Army Couples: The Role of Resilience”
Deborah Gross, Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
April 2012

“The Influence of Maternal–Fetal Attachment and Health Practices on Neonatal Outcomes in Low-Income Urban Women”
Jeanne Alhusen, Deborah Gross, Phyllis Sharps
& colleagues
April 2012

Women’s Health & Urban Life
“Being Undocumented & Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Multiple Vulnerabilities Through the Lens of Feminist Intersectionality”
Margaret Adams & Jacquelyn Campbell
June 2012

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