JHUSON Alumni Travel Opportunity

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is partnering with Vision Health International, a nonprofit organization, for a week-long service trip to Piura, Peru in July 2013. Vision Health International has provided both medical and surgical eye care services, free of charge, throughout Latin America for more than 25 years. These trips are staffed by a team of 20–30 physicians, nurses, surgical technicians, translators and other volunteers who donate their time, talent, resources, and energy to provide eye exams, distribute eyeglasses, and perform eye surgery. Participants pay for their own airfare and a $450.00 participation fee. This fee covers the majority of expenses at the host site. The host country will provide transportation and meals at the project site. Instruments, surgical equipment, and eyeglasses are made available through donors. If you are interested in participating in this trip, please contact Lindsay Dorrance at 410.955.4285, [email protected] or Annina Griggs at [email protected]. We are also looking into arranging a side trip to Machu Picchu, if there is enough interest.

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