Professional Development is Key to Simulation Consortiums

Professional Development is Key to Simulation Consortiums

giving_building_simulationHi everyone,

I would like to talk about Professional Development and the need for this type of development in your institutions/organizations when embarking on simulations.  In your overall plan to develop a consortium around healthcare simulations, professional development is a very important concept to keep in mind.  The process of building an organizational entity includes not only planning for what will come but also reviewing the strategic activities and goals implemented to identify what went well and what did not.

Beginning with a professional development plan is important; discussions should focus on best methods for broadening the scope and depth of knowledge for faculty or educators using the simulation pedagogy.  The professional development plan should meet the needs of the learners; what level are the learners, novice?  intermediate?  You need to meet them at their level.  I have created anywhere from a 1-5 day faculty development plan for many; all work with the goals varying on what we need to get out of the development sessions.  I am attaching an example of one faculty development plans that Jim and I used in the Eco15 consortium work.  This was a 3-day plan; we had the participants developing simulation scenarios in addition to running the scenario and debriefing at the end…there is nothing like an experiential activity!  I would like to hear about your professional development plans – what worked and what didn’t…

Also note this week-..very timely, the Society in Simulation and Healthcare (SSIH) just came out with a pilot test to certify educators in simulation.  NOTE:

“The Society for Simulation in Healthcare announces the launch of its new pilot program to certify healthcare simulation educators. Individuals completing the certification process will receive their Certified Healthcare Educator (CHSE) endorsement.

Beginning June 4, 2012, the CHSE pilot project will accept 200 applicants at a special rate of $350. To qualify, applicants must have two-years of healthcare simulation experience in education, research or administration.
Visit for the CHSE pilot application, requirements and detailed information.”

That’s it for now, would love to hear from you on the blog!

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