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In the News

Faculty member Jerilyn Allen, ScD, RN, comments that “All healthcare professionals, especially nurses, need to become more aware of opportunities to use social media and technology to promote healthy behaviors and the prevention of cardiovascular disease,” in the article “Success with support.” The article published in News on November 28, 2011, discusses a recent research study which found that a remote weight-loss counseling program with Website and email support was as effective as one delivered in person.

The article “Keeping victims of domestic violence safe,” credits faculty member Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, for determining a number of high-risk factors that may have common traits and might be indicators as to whether a domestic violence case presents factors of lethality. The article was published in Wicked Local Stow on January 20, 2012.

Faculty member Doug Granger, PhD, is making news around the globe. Recent research by Granger and colleagues reveals surprising findings about how the hormone cortisol affects babies versus adults. The research also shows a correlation between mother and baby cortisol levels. Publications in Belgium, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom carried the news, in addition to two media outlets in the United States: Bio Medicine and Science Codex.

In the February 24, 2012, edition of Medical News Today, associate dean for academic affairs and faculty member Pamela Jeffries, PhD, RN, comments on how schools of nursing are addressing the faculty shortage problem by reexamining how to provide clinical education to undergraduate students. Jeffries says she sees “the integration of clinical simulations to combat the nursing faculty shortage as one of most impactful new models on the forefront of addressing the Future of Nursing Education report.”

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