Nursing fashion

*Beware of silly, superficial blog post ahead*

I got a spring externship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)! On the Older Adults unit (in reality, a general medical floor). I am excited and happy about this.

It crossed my mind that I would have to get scrubs that differ from my gunny sack-like blue JHU SON ones. Hm … What does this mean exactly? I think this means from now on I get to wear those really fancy numbers with the little flowers on them. Or I could get ones with Mickey Mouse or flying cats or 1980s neon asymmetrical shapes that look like they came out of Miami Vice or something! Oooo!

After counseling with a classmate, I avoided the cute flowers. For the record, I did not avoid blue, but I did get ones with the mock wrap-around look (below right), for those of you who really care. Stay tuned for the next time I order another pair  (Peace symbols? Ah, decisions, decisions …).

Peace, bay-bee … boo-yah!
Pretty nurse model with simple mock wrap-around scrub top

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