Commemoration of the second anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti

Commemoration of the second anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti

haiti_sandy6After a lapse of almost a year, I am posting twice in one day. Being back in Haiti with the Public Health Nursing students has focused my mind on Haiti. Despair and hope seems to go hand in hand here. People are at the same time struggling to survive and grateful for their lives and those of their family. Within the same five minutes, we see the bright smiles of children and adults, as well as the pleading eyes and tummy rubbing of those begging for food. “Mwen grangou” (I’m hungry) is always heartbreaking to hear. In my 12 years of coming to Haiti, this is classic Haiti for me —  it is the highs and the lows… every day there is a reason to laugh; every day there is a reason (at least one) to cry.

It’s been two years since Haiti’s devastating earthquake. This link will take you to a slide show of photos I took in Haiti, January – February 2010, in the month following the earthquake. All show scenes from the streets of Port au Prince, the General Hospital in PAP where I worked in pediatrics and the ER, and the community clinic at Gressier. Much of the world has forgotten about Haiti, but the people are still here, getting through each day as they have done both before and after the earthquake. We work and hope and pray for better times for Haiti in the future.


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