Fundraising for Haiti

In the past, I have raised money for various foundations and causes. The fundraising I’m doing for my Public Health Clinical in Haiti, though, is different. I’m not raising money that someone else will be using or distributing. I’m raising money to buy supplies and medicines that we will be administering and distributing ourselves.

Dr. Beth Sloand, a graduate student, myself and seven classmates are all travelling to Jeremie, Haiti from February 17th-February 25th for our public health nursing clinical. While we’re there, our work will include:

  • Health education on hand-washing & infection control, anemia & nutrition, substance abuse & violence
  • Growth, blood pressure, and BMI screenings
  • Tetanus vaccinations and anemia screenings for adolescent boys and girls
  • Well child care including vaccines; pre- and post-natal care for women
  • Comfort care for ill adults and children in a hospice / nutrition care center

In order to do all of this we are raising funds to purchase the following supplies:

  • Microcuvettes for the Hemocue anemia testing device
  • Vitamins and iron supplements and protein-rich food
  • Paper & other supplies and materials for health education and clinical activities

In addition, we will have translator and vehicle costs (for travel to remote villages).   Our fundraising goal is about $1,800 per student, or $14,400 for the group.

Anything that you can contribute will help! All donations are tax-deductable.  

If you wish to support us, we have a Givezooks page that will allow you to donate online! Please visit out page here!

The trip will satisfy the clinical hours for our public health nursing rotation, and it will give us the opportunity to work in the kind of global health setting that many of us hope to spend much of our careers in. More importantly, the work we will be doing in Haiti will make a difference. I can’t tell you how excited we all are to have this opportunity!

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