School of Nursing Announces New Arrivals

Manikins Arrive in Time for Simulation Study

By Jon Eichberger

The School of Nursing happily welcomes SimNewB and Sim Man 3G to its simulation manikin family.

SimNewB is an interactive simulator “born” by Laerdal and the American Academy of Pediatrics. A seven-pound, twenty-one-inch female baby with realistic newborn traits, she enables students to simulate a wide variety of patient conditions, including life-threatening ones.

Sim Man 3G is also interactive, but wireless. He is equipped with breath sounds both anteriorly and posteriorly, and has pupil reactions and skin temperature changes.

SimNewB is partially supported by a $27,000 grant from the Woman’s Board of Hopkins Hospital to the School of Nursing’s Maternal Child Health Program. Sim Man 3G is supported through the Needs-Based Grad Education II grant.

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