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Class of 1946

Class Reporter—Laura Brautigam June, (760) 366-8181. [email protected]. H.R. 5483 is still stuck in committee. The resolution would put a medal honoring U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps in the Smithsonian and each cadet could purchase a small one. Contact your representative to urge passage. Emogene Fisher Martin attended her 65th reunion with Elsie Payton Jarvis, ’47. Phone call from Mona Staska Riley of N. Hollywood, CA, and had a good letter from Astrid Johnsen Reiley of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. Our class started with 100 members but now we have 36.



Class Reporter—Betty Borenstein Scher, (443) 449-5934, [email protected].
It was nice to see the 10 members of the Class of 1951 celebrate their 60th reunion. As for us, Janey Shutts Pinkerton is doing okay with hubby Pinky in their NC senior living facility. As Janey writes, they “miss living together, but enjoy seeing each other each day.” She also keeps busy running around in her “power-chair!” Not any significant changes with Ginger Groseclose David and Don. They are in relatively good health, live in those beautiful woods in northern GA, and it is so nice having a daughter with her family living about 1.5 miles away—a very nice walk. Cora Lawrence wrote a note in the summer, hoping the weather was not too hot for us, but having no other big news to share. Anna Clair Junkin had some health problems fairly recently but has been recuperating nicely and will be ready to have lunch together in a few weeks. As for me, Betty, there is not much new. I still am in enviably good health for our age, do my volunteer work, and had a wonderful birthday weekend during which all four of the children and some close friends were together with me for crabs and a dinner date. Please drop me a line for the Class News for the next issue.


Class of 1951

Reporting—Elizabeth Stehly Cantrell, [email protected]. Thank you to the efficient 2011 Alumni Weekend Committee for a fabulous Alumni Weekend. What a joy to become reacquainted with the other nine members of the class of 1951 who attended: Betty Stehly Cantrell, Lois Pagoria Gallagher, Rose Ghysels, Teresina (Terry) Bifano Walton, Fran Signorelli Peeler, Rosie Mary Burroughs Schulte, Gerry Waybright Settle, Til Snelling Smith, Pris Gray Teeter, Bettie Lou Hering Webster. The festivities began with the Journey to Excellence Leadership Dinner, a well-planned, lovely evening. The seminars we attended the following day were well presented, interesting, and informative. I found the subject material pertinent to my stage in life.
The Alumni Cocktail Reception gave me an opportunity to chat with current students. They made me aware of how much the School of Nursing has grown and changed in the past 60 years. Saturday coffee with Dean Hill and JHNAA President, Tina Cafeo, was well attended by our local classmates of ’51. The coffee was followed by the 119th Annual Meeting. The Alumni luncheon at the Turner Concourse was another highlight of the weekend. How fortunate to be present when the Alumni Association honored Melinda Rose. We have had a rewarding relationship with Melinda. Her efficiency, friendship, and love of her work have made her a real asset to the School. She will be missed. Our class dinner at the Hopkins Club brought back many fond memories. My wedding reception was held at the Hopkins Club. I threw my bridal bouquet from the lovely staircase in the front hall. Thank you for a most enjoyable weekend. We look forward to joining you for our 65th Reunion.


Class of 1956

June Lincicome Critchfield is having health problems but she is still enjoying swimming, playing bridge, and going to church in her home of Jackson, TN. Loava Jean Barton Champness retired after teaching violin and piano lessons and being her church organist for 33 years! Joyce Higdon Littlefield is grateful to be up and moving and enjoying her retirement after more than 45 years of working as a nurse. Mary Drehs deeply appreciates the education she received at Hopkins and credits this experience with allowing her to go on to open the Intensive Care Unit at the Reading Hospital Medical Center and serve as head nurse for six years. Alice Quintavell Talbert spends most of her time living in South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, and is very involved with its preservation. Joan Lloyd Shorb spends her days gardening, doing aerobics, reading, and spending time with her five children and 12 grandchildren. Joan Weitz Gardner sold her big house in Tallahassee and moved into a new and lovely townhouse. But, she still has too much “stuff!”


Class of 1961

Class Reporter—Wendy Gehlbach, (772) 229-0601, [email protected]. On September 29, 1958, 53 young women from 19 states and one foreign country arrived at Hampton House to begin their journey. Three years and many memories, tears, laughs, and lessons learned later, 42 of us (plus five who had joined us from previous classes) graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing on September 18, 1961. Flash forward 50 years: 19 somewhat older women (and 11 appropriately-aged guys) from nine states and one foreign country arrived in Baltimore to celebrate and remember those tears, laughs, and lessons learned. And the bonus? We’ve added more great memories: the Journey to Excellence Leadership Dinner on Thursday evening, cocktail party Friday evening—where Dee Burrows and Bonnie Dahlke returned for the first time in 50 years and everyone recognized them, the Saturday meeting where Melinda Rose was given honorary membership in the JHNAA and we were astounded by our class gift of $200,000+, and the luncheon after the Saturday meeting. Donna Conley, our reluctant class president, spoke on our behalf, and we received our beautiful medallions. That evening we dined at The Hopkins Club on crab cakes (What else?) and steak to top off an amazing weekend. We look forward to 2016!


Class of 1966

Reporting—Anne Warrington Roy, [email protected]. Obviously, a lot of work goes into setting up the receptions, choosing the food, flowers, and generally the venue—and I was happy to be able to be a part of this year’s doings. I want to ask now if there is any interest from the class of ’66 in having a 50th class reunion. Let’s get started now! I am open to at least initiating a list of interested parties for this potential event. Please feel free to contact me. Because of previous engagements, I was only able to attend a few things—the reception for all classes on Friday night held at the School of Nursing gave me a chance to meet Cindy Rousso Paget, whom I had not seen since graduation. (We went to different reunion years apparently.) We had delicious appetizers and then went on to Little Italy for dinner. Cindy is working part time in Toronto in occupational health and gets down to this area when visiting her son’s family in Richmond. She and her husband have another son in Toronto. It was great to share memories and catch up and find that our paths had not been so different! On Saturday I went to the luncheon in Turner and got to participate in the photo shoot. Mary Bickerstaff who graduated in spring of ’66, Lois Scarborough (who still works part time at Hopkins in Occupational Health and Safety), Cindy, and I were the only contingent there from 1966. During the lunch we watched the slides on the video which included shots of the class, many of our clinical instructors, and areas of training. It brought home just how many class members were obviously missing. The luncheon was pleasant, delicious, and ended with some of the most incredible melt-in-your-mouth desserts in the world! The tribute to Melinda Rose demonstrated just how much she has done for the alumni over many years and was good to share. I came away with a renewed sense of just how much my time at JHH influenced and enriched my life, and I am grateful and proud to be a Hopkins nurse.


Class of 1971

Class Reporter–Joan Monchak Lorenz, (813) 874-2187, [email protected]. Remember this from the songs for our Senior March: “We’ve waited oh so long so we could sing this song about our tale of woe and how we want to go. We’re sick of wearing blue and starching white caps too and signing out for dates but soon we’ll celebrate.”? Those of us who gathered for our 40th reunion at the Admiral Fell Inn in Fells Point didn’t hold back on celebrating. Did we go to the Friday educational program? No, we had too much to do and see. Here’s a snapshot of our activities. Marcia Wilson Bassity flew in from Boulder, CO, and we had dinner with Isabel Shay Milazzo in Silver Spring before driving to Baltimore. There, we met up with Jan May Jezyk and Janet Amendt Girard and enjoyed what the new revitalized Fells Point has to offer: shopping at a multitude of specialty shops, some quick meals at the Market, a great meal and superb Sangria at Adela’s Tapas Restaurant, rides on water taxis, and ice cream from Maggie Moo’s ice cream treatery. Pam Magnuson, who flew in from Seattle, met us for the Saturday events at the East Baltimore campus, which included a luncheon at which Melinda Rose was named honorary alum–we will miss her in her retirement. And it was a great honor for me to receive the Heritage Award for doing what I love to do—networking with alums. Winding our way to Shuckers on Saturday night, we were joined by Nancy Rees MacKenzie and Sally Keadle, who came in from GA. Our lives are busy, and we have many obligations, which may have prevented some classmates from munching on crab cakes and other seafood delights at Shuckers with us. Those who were not there were missed. The seven of us who met at Shuckers agreed that some things don’t change: friendships made during a pivotal part in our lives remain strong. We enjoyed each other’s company, got caught up on each other’s lives, reminisced about our days at The John, watched a PowerPoint which included photos fellow classmates sent, and looked through old yearbooks and a memorabilia notebook. We presented our class gift of $2100 to the School at the business meeting. The Class Reunion Memory Booklet prepared from your contributions will be mailed out soon. I hope to post the PowerPoint on the nursing alumni Facebook page.


Class of 1986

Marijoy (Figueroa) Keenan works as a case manager in the home health department at Oak Crest Village in Baltimore. She volunteers with the Boy Scouts and enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. Lauren McKee Heard was appointed a Federal Administrative Law Judge in 2008 and currently works at the Department of Health and Human Services in the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals in Miami, FL.

’91 Accelerated

Rebecca Fishel Mooney works at an internal medicine practice in Harford County and is homeschooling her three children. Dara Ann Lawrence works for Patient First Inc. in MD and loves to be outside and active in her free time. Rene Rubinstein Shumate works at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and lives in MD with her husband and two children. Alvina Long Valentin lives in Chapel Hill and works for the women’s health branch of the NC Division of Public Health. Previously, she was doing public health work in Guatemala from 1997-2003.

’96 Accelerated

Vanessa M. Dunlap was a school nurse for six years and now works at Kaiser as a pediatric nurse who gives advice and makes appointments for patient families over the phone. She says she sort of misses Baltimore, believe it or not!


Tonia L. Moore-Davis is working at Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing in Nashville, TN, and is finishing her PhD from the University of Colorado-Denver. When she has some free time, she loves to quilt and ride motorcycles.

’01 Accelerated

Class of 2001, Traditional and Accelerated

Seventeen members participated in an online reunion as emails came from one another giving updates on each person’s current employment, family life, and educational achievements. Everyone involved enjoyed it.


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