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Ah, the irony of starting off a blog when the first semester is ending! I was wondering, “Should I start it now?” My personal consensus (among me, myself, and I) was Yes, why not?

First, let’s recap a little of how my first semester at JHU SON was:

Difficult, in more than one way. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Academically! But I know also that this was the “testing the waters” semester. I uprooted my life here in San Francisco to voluntarily (key word: voluntarily) come to Baltimore and start a new career. It wasn’t easy, but you, dear reader, could have figured that out as well.

So much studying–yes, so much studying. Figuring out the energy of the class and individual classmates. Enduring the back and forth between school and apartment. Getting up before the crack of dawn to enjoy the serenity of morning and managing to get some studying in before the hussle and bussle hit us.

I am going to enjoy my winter break. Final exams week felt like the longest week of the semester.

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