Peace, Love, and… Homework

An entire week after Labor Day weekend and finally I have time to post. Seems like the “fast-paced” description of this program doesn’t end at the end of the “hardest” Summer term. With our classes now lasting a full 14 weeks, the Fall term at first appeared to have a lot of time to relax, pick up a language, take an elective, or sign up for a research project. But with everyone in the school being an overachiever, I’ve heard many people say they’re doing all of the aforementioned activities. It’s not OR, it’s AND (Note: must study for Research exam tomorrow). Our “lots of free time” has been filled with all these different activities.

Admittedly, my lack of time last week was due to the long Labor Day weekend. Some may call it lazy but I see it more like a carpe diem kind of thing. Beatles festival only an hour away? Enough money leftover from my student loan to fly up my husband? AND a Living Social deal that included the festival tickets, hotel stay, and preferred seating? This vacation was bought in less time than it takes to navigate through Blackboard.

Abbey Road on the River is a 3 day festival featuring about 60 bands all playing The Beatles songs and music a-la-Beatles style. This year it was on the National Harbor in DC at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel. There were 5 stages set up, and from 12pm to 2 am, you could just hop from one stage to another and jam out (or relax, if they’re playing Because or Let It Be). Eric, my husband (he’ll be popping in and out of my experiences here in Baltimore since he’s in Miami) and I had a ton of fun, singing and dancing to music we love.

Here’s the photo recap:


This was the biggest stage out on the lawn. The band playing was BritBeat, they were amazing! They got really into it and even got replicas of the Srgt Peppers costumes.



Another concert stage out on the terrace of the Gaylord Hotel. A little smaller, but very intimate with the band. The band playing was Abbey Road LIVE!, and their guitarist/lead singer (pink pants) was such a trip. Raunchy, effeminate, and able to make his guitar wail, he was one of the best performers there.



The big concert was the LOVE concert at night. Several of the bands and a small orchestra were all on stage tag-teaming the soundtrack to Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE. Sitting was not an option for me, only dancing. And then the fireworks on the harbor were timed to set off after the intro to Revolution. Perfect! I can’t imagine a better concert than this.



Eric and I out on the Harbor. We noticed that the sunset in DC is very different from the one back in Miami. More watercolor like colors, really pretty. The picture doesn’t capture it at all but I tried!



The Gaylord National Harbor hotel. It was a monster of a hotel. I felt like the style of the hotel was a little dated but still a great stay.



Lastly, after intending to go to Alexandria and taking a wrong turn, we found ourselves taking a tour of the monuments. This is in front of the Lincoln memorial. There’s more pictures, but either you’ve already seen the monuments and don’t want to see it again… OR haven’t, so that means you just have to come up to Hopkins and take a day trip to DC 🙂


Love the Beatles? I’ll see you next year at Abbey Road on the River. Now back to catching up on the Pharm chapters I still haven’t read and studying for the Research test tomorrow!

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