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Class ReporterLaura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. What a great reunion! It was our 60th. Our class started with 100 girls; we now have 39 and 11 attended: Margaret Hawkins Abbott, Winnie Wynkoop Carter, Pat Vicinus Cote, Emogene Fisher Martin, Jean Douglas Cook McNab, Dee Dee Boyle Morrow, Astrid Johnsen Reiley, Mona Staska Riley, Susan Pincoffs Tippett, Primmy Gundry Vining et moi. The Tremont was a magnificent setting for it had been a great Masonic Temple. The hotel supplied shuttle buses to the hospital, and we were so impressed with the School of Nursing building and the additions to the hospital. Food and speakers were excellent and all in all, it was one reunion never to forget. Besides, I think our class had the most representation except for the 50th reunion girls. We ended with going to Dee Dee’s lovely home for crab cakes, no less, and much reminiscing. I am sorry to report the death of classmate Jean Smith Cook.


Class ReporterMaddeline Angelone Schuldes, 3484 Woodbridge Court, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601. “Goonie” (June Hanson) fell last winter and again in April. She also had a second hip fracture. There is nothing draining from her “shunt.” She says she is mentally alert and certainly sounded so but one could hear her depressed spirit with all that has transpired physically. I hope classmates will write to her. She is at Lorien Belair at 1909 Emmerton Road, Bel Air, MD 21015. Goonie mentioned that our classmate “Oper” is doing well but has trouble seeing very well. Apparently she broke her hip two years ago. Helena Lu-Affatt Kurban said her husband, Amal, was awarded “The Lifetime Career Educator Award” by the Dermatology Foundation at the Annual Meeting of the AAD. The award was established to honor the specialty’s great teachers.

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Class ReporterBetty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected].Thanks to all of you who responded to my appeal for news. As always, the Class of 1950 comes through! Selfishly, my news first. I had my hip surgery and am now in some stage of recuperation. By that I mean that physically, I am doing great; I only wish that the emotional recovery were going as well. I have a rough time sleeping; my “git up and go” has “gone”; my stamina to stay on task is like a toddler’s. Believe me, patients should be told about this aspect of recuperation as much as the physical. A few of us have new addresses. Mary Agnes Hull Stewart is living in her own little home in the back yard of one of her sons and his family. Address is: 3527 S. Jim Minor Road, Haw River, NC 27258. Other news with her is the awaiting of possible twin great grandchildren. Ruth Stilz Whitmore and Marv have moved back to Baltimore and live in the Charlestown community in Catonsville. Right now they have two one-bedroom apartments (one of which is used as an office) and are waiting to get a two-bedroom apartment in about a year or two. New e-mail address is [email protected] . Also, at the time of the letter, they were visiting their son Brad’s “lake house” in IN. Annette “Terrie”Theriault Preston writes she and Ted have “slowed down” but still manage to do a few things like a “great trip” to FL on the Auto Train in June plus visits with children and family. Anna Clair Junkin says she is two years post her hip replacement surgery and is doing well. Mackie McCown Kolb also has some “bone problems,” but otherwise is doing pretty well down in TX. Janie Shutts Pinkerton planned to celebrate her birthday with 11 of her crowd from Raleigh and Durham. She and Pinky planned to go on a Nova Scotia cruise, canceled last year due to illness. Other big news is that she is scheduled to become a great grandmother in early November. Mildred “Bunny” Barnard has almost finished renovating her trailer home, writes she is about the same except for a bit more “short-term memory loss.” From Cora Jane Lawrence comes a long note about her joy with the new nursing history and about her desire to attend Homecoming this year but has her doubts about making the attendance a reality. Although she lost both a beloved niece from leukemia and lymphoma and a nephew from an accident, the family did get together to celebrate her brother’s 50th wedding anniversary before all the tragedies hit. Meanwhile, she continues to enjoy her gardening, her mountain view, and her daily exercising. Doris Benjamin Carroll and husband have “slowed down” but have enjoyed a visit from two of her children who are back in the States after four years of missionary work in New Guinea. They also have enjoyed time at the beach and “antiquing.” Doris also keeps busy knitting, quilting and—recently—has gotten hooked on Sudoku puzzles. Greetings, too, from Lolita Beidelman from D.C. She left a message, but we have not gotten together one-on-one. The class of 1950 extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Sarah (Sallie) Mitchell Hunter, who passed away Oct. 13, 2006. If I have left anyone out, forgive me…this recuperation from surgery is more than a wee bit harder than I thought it would be. So we will blame all errors and omissions on that.


Class Report by Betty Stehly Cantrell. The Class of ’51 was represented by Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte, Betty Stehly Cantrell, Peggie-Louise Lee Craig, Lois Coxworth Gallagher, Matilda Snelling Smith, Priscilla Gray Teeter and Geraldine Ann Waybright Settle. We had a delightful time renewing memories of our years at Hopkins. The Committee did a great job of planning and orchestrating a wonderful Homecoming Weekend. We enjoyed spending time with Doris Armstrong and the class of ’46. We are looking forward to our 60th. Make plans now to join us.


Class ReporterJackie Shaka, 2100 Pheasant Lane, Holladay, UT 84121, [email protected]. Ann (Margaret) Hurlbrink (79 years young) has the honor of being the first to reply to the request for class news this time. Following graduation she had a “brief nursing experience.” For three summers she was a Girl Scout Camp nurse and also was a nurse for Nutri-System. There are three children, 10 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren (counting one due in December). Both she and Bob have had “excellent health throughout the years.” Her comment: “Nursing provides a great experience for life!” Faithful classmate Betsy Bivin wrote shortly after returning from a visit with son David and his children in Duluth. She is to have surgery for a rotator cuff repair. The other shoulder was done a few years ago. Fortunately her daughter, Margaret (and three-year old daughter), will assist her for a few weeks, then David will come for a week. Betsy plans to move to a nearby retirement community “early in 2007.” Helen (Whissen) Hayen writes from Katy, TX, that her husband died in 2005. Her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren (ages 9-11) live only 10 minutes away. Helen’s twin sister, Anne Carder (JH SON ’53), moved from LA and now lives with Helen. “We’re going places, doing things and having a grand time. Yes, Anne has made a big difference!” Jan Wagner and husband, Don, along with five other Air Force couples planned a trip to Europe (Italy, Greece, etc.) in September. Jan did get to San Antonio and visited Mary Ann (Carr) Wendorf. “They talked and talked” (I’m jealous). Trish Kirkland and her husband remain in good health and enjoy living in town after having moved from the farm. Trish gardens, attends an exercise class and volunteers at a community clinic. She also helps her husband with historical research. Their offspring are “all over the country.” They keep in touch via e-mail. It has been 15 years since they were all together. Virginia McKnight Doolittle wrote from Plano,TX, where she now lives with her daughter and grandchildren. Ginny had a golf ball sized adenoma removed from a lung and has essential tremor, otherwise she is doing well. Her daughter suffers from painful tendonitis. Ginny helps with baby-sitting. As a nurse she worked in the newborn nursery. At one time she lived in a retirement facility but did not like it there except for the water aerobics. On Halloween of 2005 Bette Blome Winyall fell and broke her neck. This was treated by a Hopkins neurosurgeon by fusing the top three cervical vertebrae—she joked about having a screw loose…Her husband Milton had a corneal transplant by a new technique at Wilmer. Bette and Milton have shared 53 years together. Their children and grandchildren are doing well. Bette, Libby Derr and Marian Nash celebrated Homecoming #54 this fall. Libby Derr writes that except for some osteoarthritis in a shoulder (painful and somewhat limiting), she is generally well. She continues with church work and charitable volunteering. Libby and Marian Nash met for lunch at Bette Winyall’s and had “a great visit’. Libby was visited by Lisa O’Shea of the Hopkins Development office who brought a copy of the new history of the school: Our Shared Legacy. Libby writes “It is beautiful.” And how about Betty Droge Hixson…This active lady wrote that she is thankful “for this 82nd year”! Even with a VP shunt and a pacemaker, she went camping and hiking in UT and WY with her daughters. She has four children and four grandchildren. She wisely carried a book and when she got tired, she would sit down and read. They had a rented Jeep Liberty for transportation. Are you getting the picture? Next time I hope she’ll give me a call…


Class ReporterMargie Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479.Char Lee Williams wrote that medical problems kept Bruce down winter and spring, but that in July they were able to board the Queen Mary 2 for the ride across the Atlantic with stops in Southampton, England and Hamburg, Germany. On the return trip, Bruce was able to walk the full distance between their stateroom and the library, a great improvement. Their daughter now has her PhD and will be returning to Germany, a major in the Air Force, overseeing working with high-risk children. Bruce’s mother died last November at the age of 105. At homecoming, Allie Sanborn, Joan Gillespie, and I represented our class at the annual meeting and luncheon, with Betsy McGeady and Rosemary Downes present at other functions. Betsy’s oral history is included in Our Shared Legacy. From the little I’ve read so far, I highly recommend its purchase. Check the alumni page of the JHUSON webpage ( for Kathy McCormick Daughtry’s nursing cartoons.

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Linda Zack Tarr-Whelan has been selected (Nov. 2006) for Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing for her outstanding contributions and achievements in nursing.


Class ReporterWendy Gehlbach, 1141 Naples Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 3495, 773-229-0601, [email protected]. Ten members who attended our 45th reunion hereby issue a challenge to the remainder of our classmates: We’ll be here in 2011, will you? Several of us (who didn’t get lost on the way… ahem, Judy Pochop) attended the program introducing Our Shared Legacy at Enoch Pratt Library and were pleased to see a few Pre-Clins from the Class of ’61 pictured (hint: page 108). Following the cocktail party, we went our separate ways for dinner. We enjoyed the business meeting on Saturday, strolling the Inner Harbor and dinner at Chiapperelli’s in Little Italy. Thanks to Kathy Cayward for making the arrangements. Attending were: Cathy Peters Jones and Bob, Donna Stonesifer Hargett, Gail Woolston Nuetzel and Ernie, Judy Rothman Pochop and Hal, Kathy Cayward, Madelon Henderson Ceman and Jim, Nan Wheeler Matais, Penny Dvorak and Bernie and daughter, Mary Ann Quink Slowick and Mariann (Wendy) Wendle Gehlbach and Art.


Class Reporter—Cindy Rousso Paget, 9-5 Cheviot Place, Islington, Ontario M9A 2E3, Canada ([email protected]). The Class of 1966 celebrated its 40th reunion with laughter, tears and joy while renewing old acquaintances and forging deep friendships with classmates who knew us “way back when.” As we get older, we need to remember those who helped us grow and become who we now are. Eighteen class members and five spouses joined us for our reunion dinner at the Hopkins Club. The food was great and the conversations eclectic. Class members came from as far away as Albuquerque, NM, and Toronto, Ontario, to celebrate and to catch up on all the class news. We were saddened to hear of the recent loss of Sally Malone Sowley and truly missed those who were not able to attend. We had a wonderful time and all said “they would not have missed this for the world!” We hope all will try to attend our 45th reunion in 2011 and our very special 50th reunion in 2016.


Anne Bienvenu Broussard was presented with the AWHONN Award of Excellence in Community Service by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) for her significant and long-standing work educating pregnant adolescents in Lafayette through a unique service learning program.


Class ReporterJoan Monchak Lorenz, 3323 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629, 813-972-2000, [email protected]. They came, they hugged, they laughed, they remembered—10 members of the Class of 1971 met at Bo Brooks for a marvelous visit over crabs and beer. In attendance were Marcia Wilson Bassity and husband CB, Joan Monchak Lorenz, Roxanne Mushok Nelson, Jan Wright Kilby and husband Don, Nancy Rees MacKenzie, Nancy Baer Morris, Pam Magnuson, Jan May Jezyk and husband Dave, Kathy Wiley Yeager and husband Tom, and Barbara Bernard Scharf. We missed those who could not attend. Everyone agreed that we need to get together more often now that most of us have launched our kids. So, who wants to host a get together? Contact Joan at [email protected].

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Class report by Margaret Grasham Bevans. The class celebrated its 20th anniversary in the magnificent Anne M. Pinkard building at homecoming on 9/29/06. A bit different from the old Phipps building, many commented! Fifteen percent of the class attended the reception including Annina Arthes-Griggs, Bernie Keenan, Cecil Taylor, Clare Blau Montgomery, Marijoy Figueroa Keenan, and Margaret Grasham Bevans. As the first graduates of the SON as a degree-granting division of JHU, we were proud to represent our class and mingle among more recent graduates and those from years past (graduates from the1930s were in attendance)! Stories and pictures were shared to update each other on careers and family. Memories from the past generated a lot of laughter with a few pictures from the 1986 picnic where then professor Martha Hill and others were enjoying a day at the park. Plans were immediately made to locate ALL the pictures from our years together for sharing in 2011 at our 25th anniversary. Make your plans now! Lauren McKee Heard was kind enough to send a summary of the reunion questionnaires: Margaret Bevans is living in MD with her family, Keith, Carolyn, and Amanda. She received her PhD and is currently a nurse specialist doing research at the National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center. Nancy Davis-Griffin writes that she and her husband Bob have four children and five grandchildren! She is working part time at Your Health Adult Day Care Center, a Russian speaking community where she is able to be of service and learn new skills. Nancy is enjoying gardening, complementary healing, and her grandchildren. She remembers the adventure of being the “first” School of Nursing class, along with the tears, the smiles, laughter and challenges. She lives in San Francisco, CA. [email protected]. Marijoy Figueroa Keenan and her husband, David, have four children: Sarah (16), Patrick (14), Ryan (12), and Andrew (10). She is a case manager for Oakcrest Home Health in Baltimore. Her class memories include nursing student conventions and clinical rotations. I, Lauren, have been living in Boca Raton, FL for the past eight years with my husband, Tripp, and our three boys, Cameron (17), Sam (15) and Zach (12). For the past 11 years I have been an attorney for the Social Security Administration, working in the area of disability appeals, which allows me to use my nursing background on a daily basis, although not in a clinical setting. In honor of our 20th reunion, I took the NCLEX in June and became a licensed RN in FL after letting my nursing licensure lapse years ago when I started practicing law. What a great review that was! I enjoy walking, traveling, and trying to keep up with the kids’ schedules. Some of my favorite memories from nursing school years are of fun times with rowhouse mates Sue Germano, Deni Schwartz and Suzanne Scharnhorst. Remembering Sue Germano singing along to Johnny Mathis’ Christmas albums still makes me smile. I miss you all. I’d love to hear from you at [email protected].


Debbi Miller is moving back “home” to Beckley, WV, to assist with her 88-year-old grandmother’s needs. She’ll be working for two hospital groups in the southern part of the state (not-for-profit), initiating a Revenue Integrity program. She does medical auditing, focusing mostly on billing and compliance related issues.

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’91 Accelerated

Leslie Klinefelter Aliprando is living in Philadelphia, PA with her two children, Maura (6) and Liam (3). She attained her Master’s in Nursing and is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She enjoys gardening and bicycling.


Mark Bruder and Rene have four children, Samuel (22), Caroline (13), Darlene (20), and Virginia (14). He lives in McSherrystown, PA. He is a Family NP and has had an allergy and asthma practice since 1998. He likes to draw and paint. Barbra Meyer Doud lives with husband Thomas in Baldwin, MD. They have four children, Amelia (11), Mary (7), Lillian (4), and Owen (2). She works as a Nurse Coordinator for the Johns Hopkins Office of Managed Care. With four children, a full-time job, and having her 98-year-old grandmother living with them, her current interest involves finding a peaceful balance among her children, her marriage, care giving for her grandmother, and her job. Kristen Mahlau Merryman is living in Portland, OR, with husband Steve, and children Gwyneth and Emily. She is currently the activity coordinator for her daughters and is not working as an RN. She previously worked Neuro/Trauma. Anna Adkinson Ruby is living in Ellicott City, MD, with husband, Mark, and children, Hannah (11/17/99), Caleb (8/23/01), Abigail (8/15/03), and Joshua (7/28/05). She received her MSN (PNP) at JHUSON in 1999 with a specialty in pediatrics. She enjoys her family and kids and is currently home schooling them, which keeps her pretty busy. She also likes hiking, biking, and camping with her family. She is currently working as a PNP part time at Pavillion Pediatrics in Greenspring Station. Monica Prencipe Work works at Inova Alexandria Hospital in VA. Mary Mullaney lives in Reston, VA, with her husband and two dogs. She received her MPH in health policy from the George Washington University this year and is currently looking for a job in the health policy field. In the meantime, she is working part time with the Peace Corps in the Office of Medical Services.

’96 Accelerated

Deanna Hiester Cleaves and husband Robert live in Honolulu. She is a staff nurse in the NICU at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. Jennifer Gedstad DeMuth is living in Baltimore with husband, Robert, and daughters, Sophie (6) and Lauren (3 ). She is working part time with Intrastaff at JHH, mostly in cardiology and interventional radiology. She stays busy by running half marathons, keeping up with her kids, and photography. Her class memories include Diane Aschenbrenner writing the results of the OJ Simpson trial on the blackboard during a final exam. Also, she remembers white polyester uniforms, endless Care Plans, being nervous for clinicals then having fun at Fells Point and PJ’s happy hours. Julie Javernick and husband Keith Brunel live in Golden, CO. She obtained her MSN in midwifery. She has been a nurse-midwife at Westside Women’s Care for the past seven years and is 20 deliveries away from reaching 1,000 births attended. She and her husband are currently building a “green” home in Golden: strawbale, solar electric and thermal, passive solar. It’s very exciting and time consuming. She remembers hanging out with Fauni, Eve, Ben, Sherilynne and Gigi. Beth Julian Pratt is living in Pompano Beach, FL, with her husband, Luigi, and daughter, Kirra. She got her MS in Forensic Science and is now an Infertility RN. She likes music and dance and is a drummer in church. She remembers studying for tests on the roof of Gary and Sheila’s rowhouse. They studied hard and had fun at the same time. Laura Roth is living in Huntington Beach, CA with husband, Gary, and children Max (7 yrs) and Lucy (2  yrs). She works in Labor and Delivery. Karin Wertz is living in Sacramento, CA, and works in pediatrics. She enjoys dance, Pilates, and running.


Helen Hui-Chou is currently a surgical resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She received her medical degree from the University of Maryland in May.

’97 MSN

R. Kevin Mallinson, PhD, RN, AACRN, assistant professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies at Georgetown University, has been awarded a $1.5 million cooperative agreement from Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) to implement a Global HIV/AIDS Nursing Capacity Building Program. The three-year project is designed to increase the capacity of nurses in South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia to address the complex challenges faced in proving effective HIV/AIDS prevention and clinical care.


Class Reporter—Jenny Brady, 3900 Powhatan Parkway, Williamsburg, VA 23188-2778, (757) 258-3008, [email protected]. Hi to the class of 1999! Kerri Reardon Blair writes that they have an addition in their family. Ruby Eileen Blair was born on 6/21/06. Their first child, Will, is two years old. Kerri was working in L&D but is taking some time off to stay home with the children. Marie Stokes DePew and her husband welcomed a new baby boy, Nathanial James. Elizabeth Serva Shrader has graduated with her master’s and passed her WHNP boards. She has taken a position at the U of PA in Urogynecology. She lives in Haddonfield, NJ. Melissa Baker Wyatt also welcomed her second child, Kaitlyn, in July. Her son, Nathan, is almost two. Jeremy and I have also had our second child, David Wayne Brady, born 7-20. He looks like his big sister Savannah. I have been working in a private practice general pediatrics office for a little over a year, but will be enjoying an extended maternity leave for now. I hope this letter finds you and your families well. Please take a moment to send in an update!

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Rosemary Dew published a new book: In Mother Teresa’s House: A Hospice Nurse in the Slums of Calcutta (Booksurge, 2006). The book recounts the month she spent volunteering as a nurse at Mother Teresa’s House for Sick and Dying Destitutes in 2004. This past April she spent a month in Cambodia volunteering as a nurse for various agencies. She said, “it was hard to say which was the most inspirational, but both places offer some of the most exciting nursing I’ve ever experienced.” Chad and Barb Eckert are happy to announce that Patrick Christian entered the world on July 19. Brother Ben isn’t quite sure what to think just yet.

’00 PhD

Normalynn Garrett, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and resident of San Antonio, TX, was named the Researcher of the Year by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Foundation.


Class Reporter – Cindy Bodie, 9 Trenton Lane, Bel Air, MD 21014, 410-836-8617, [email protected]. Nicole Smith Dinegan moved back home to San Diego with her husband John and daughter Emma. She works as a PNP at San Diego Children’s Hospital for the pulmonary service. JinAe Selvey Arneklev and her husband Eric welcomed Samuel Aaron in October. Heather Dougherty will celebrate her daughter Bronte’s first birthday on Nov. 14. Christiani Guerrero Gatto has started a new job at Mass General in Boston. She passed her CNM boards and is now an official MIDWIFE. Marc Dunbar and Kristin welcomed a baby girl, Zoe Sage, in September. Jeanette Godlewski married Laura Bulgaris legally in Canada (Niagara Falls) 4/11/06. They married at a contemporary Catholic Church ceremony in Baltimore 5/20/06. Jeanette is doing oncology nursing at Hopkins at Greenspring Station.

’01 Accelerated

Class Reporter—Dawn Brown, 108 East 35th Street, Farmington, NM87401, 505-325-4501, [email protected]. Dawn Brown is living in Farmington, NM, with husband, James, and daughters Isabella (7 yrs) and Emma (6 mos). She is currently doing Internal Medicine at the San Juan Regional Medical Center as an FNP, doing office hours and nursing homes. She enjoys traveling, reading, movies, hiking, and spending time together with her family. Sarah Bourguignon is living in San Francisco, CA. She is a certified nurse midwife. She currently works as a certified nurse midwife at the Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA. Mindy Crookham is married to David Durette and living in Shingletown, CA. She received her MSN in ’03 and was an FNP in Northern CA as a NHSC Scholar. She just finished her NHSC commitment and had a new baby, Henry. Amy Crosson is living in Mishawaka, IN, with husband, Chris Howk, and son, Issac, (6 mos). Currently she is a part-time ANP in a family practice community clinic serving low-income/underinsured clients and a full-time mom. Her memories are of working at Wald Clinic with Marion D’Lugoff. Tiffany Purcell is living in McLean, VA, with son, Aidan, who is 8 years old. Currently, she is an ANP in Critical Care Medicine at the Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD. She enjoys relaxing now that she is finally done with her master’s and going to Washington Nationals baseball games with her son. Tara Tehan is living in Northampton, MA. She received her MSN/MBA from JHUSON in 2004. She is the Unit Manager of the Respiratory Care Unit at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. Brendan Walker is living in Murrells Inlet, SC. He is in travel nursing, working in Telemetry, ICU, and CCU. He’s been in Boulder County, CO, and Marin County, CA. He loves spending his free time fly fishing, hiking, and skiing. Amy Broadway Saggiomo is living with her husband Brian in Philadelphia. Currently she is a PNP—Medical Hospital Team Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Connie Selzer is living in Charlottesville, VA. She is an NP and Unit Education chair person and a PNSO (prof. nursing staff organization) delegate at UVA. Sheri Smith is living in Warwick, RI. Her family includes her fiance, Jason, as well as her two bull mastiffs, Niki and Khan. She is a per diem at the Children’s Neuro Development Center and the PICU at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.


Erin Dean married John Houlihan on June 24th. The ceremony and reception were held at a restored historic dairy barn in Waitsfield, VT. Bridget Davis Hogue was a bridesmaid. Suzanne Kassir, Janna Maccarone, and Jenny Childrey were also in attendance. Erin and John are living in Portsmouth, NH. Erin is working as an infection control nurse at Exeter Hospital in NH.


Class Reporter—Colleen Thornton, 325 Homeland Southway, Apt. 2A, Baltimore, MD 21212, 410-464-1152, [email protected]. Jeanelle Roerkohl Rasmussen is working in the neuroscience department at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. She met her husband Jason, a surgical resident, while working there. Jeanelle and Jason have a beautiful little girl, Anna Joy (6 mos). As for me, I will graduate from the Hopkins ANP program in December ’06 and am still working in the SICU.


Deborah Schoenfeld has been working as the coordinator of the New Parent Education and Support Program at a base in Wurzburg, Germany. The program is based on a home visitation model and employs nurses and social workers to educate and support new and expectant parents. When she graduated, she never imagined that she would be working in community health. She really enjoys the job and plans to pursue a master’s in the field of public health.

’05 MSN

Eboni Clark is working at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD as the director of the ICU. She finds the job exciting and challenging and feels JHUSON prepared her well. On Dec. 2, 2005 she delivered Sydni Naiya Clark, a little sister for Kayla who is now 4.

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