Aaand we’re back!

First day of the Fall term and the school is BUSY. The halls are packed with the trads, accels, and incoming students. I’ve never seen the building so full like I did during lunch, students out on the lawn, occupying all the tables inside and out. It’s different, the school is no longer a quiet haven to seek out a private study spot; it’s a bustling energetic community.

Unlike how I felt on the first day of school when I was a mere 4th grader, I came to the SON with a smile on my face. I feel like I have a family here and missed everyone. I couldn’t wait to catch up, although that means I’m telling my vacation story 102948 times. “Spent the entire time moving… went to the Keys… Eric’s [my husband] first day of nursing pre-req classes…” I was ready to take the Level 2 courses, go back to my federal work study job, and with so many new faces around, meet new people.

Everyone seemed to feel the same way, the students, faculty, and staff were all very welcoming. I think maybe the reason people were in such high spirits was because of the garden party. I was looking forward to it all day – I even got all dressed up. Here’s the photo-summary:

First a presentation of the food by Lynn, the director of the marketing dept (where I work): “dirt” pudding, fresh fruit, vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate cupcakes… mmm…
Schmoozing along the fountain
Seven Lululemon yoga mats were being raffled/won at the party. This is me entering the raffle by signing up for an upcoming American Heart Association walk.
The second way to win a yoga mat: hula hoop competitions.
In action. Swing those hips!
After my failed attempt, I wasn’t that bad though, I channeled my inner five year old.
This guy did some amazing tricks with the hula hoop and then GIVEN a yoga mat. Maybe if I busted out a hidden talent I could’ve gotten one as well…
And this bean bag game that was pretty fun, but pretty hard to aim. This could be like beer pong where you need a couple drinks in you before you seemingly get any better.

Hope everyone had a great first day too!


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