Scholarly Publications July 2010-July 2011

Scholarly Publications July 2010-July 2011

A Sample of Faculty Research

Advances in Nursing Science
“Facilitating Resilience Using a Society-to-Cells Framework: A Theory of Nursing Essentials Applied to Research and Practice”
Sarah Szanton & colleague
October 2010

“Impact of Telephonic Psycho-Social Support on Adherence to Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) After Rape”
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
October 2010

American Journal of Community Psychology
“Interdisciplinary Linkage of Community Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology: History, Values, and an Illustrative Research and Action Project on Intimate Partner Violence”
Nancy Glass & colleagues
March 2011

American Journal of Critical Care
“Application of the Reina Trust and Betrayal
Model to the Experience of Pediatric Critical
Care Clinicians”
Cynda Rushton, Phyllis Naumann, & colleagues
July 2010

Child Development
“Sex Differences in Salivary Cortisol, Alpha-Amylase, and Psychological Functioning
Following Hurricane Katrina”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
July/August 2010

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
“Insurance-Related and Financial Challenges Reported by Managed Care Enrollees with
Breast Cancer”
Rachel Klimmek, Jennifer Wenzel, & colleague
October 2010

Contemporary Clinical Trials
“COACH Trial: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Nurse Practitioner/Community Health Worker Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction in Urban Community Health Centers: Rationale and Design”
Jerilyn Allen, Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb, Sarah Szanton, Martha Hill, & colleagues
May 2011

Developmental Psychobiology
“Children’s and Adults’ Salivary Alpha-Amylase Responses to a Laboratory Stressor and to
Verbal Recall of the Stressor”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
September 2010

Developmental Psychology
“Father Contributions to Cortisol Response
in Infancy and Toddlerhood”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
March 2011

The Diabetes Educator
“Translating Current Dietary Guidelines
Into a Culturally Tailored Nutrition Education Program for Korean American Immigrants
with Type 2 Diabetes”
Hee-Jung Song, Haera Han, Tam Nguyen,
Miyong Kim, & colleagues
September 2010

Evidence-Based Nursing
“How Do You Support Your Staff? Promote EBP”
Jane Shivnan
February 2011

Field Methods
“The SHARE Project: Maximizing Participant Retention in a Longitudinal Study with Victims
of Intimate Partner Violence”
Nancy Glass & colleagues
January 2011

Hawaii Medical Journal
“Responding to the Needs of Culturally
Diverse Women Who Experience Intimate
Partner Violence”
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
January 2011

Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing
“Am I Sure I Want to Go Down This Road? Hesitations in the Reporting of Child
Maltreatment by Nurses”
Shelly Eisbach & colleague
October 2010

The Journal for Nurse Practitioners
“Increasing Adherence to Scheduled Outpatient Dobutamine Stress Echocardiograms”
Linda Gerson & colleague
November 2010

Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
“Taking Charge of the Challenge: Factors to Consider in Taking Your First Nurse Practitioner Job”
Sarah Szanton, Kathleen Becker, Jane Alhusen
& colleague
July 2010

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
“Health Information Technology: Fallacies and Sober Realities”
Patricia Abbott & colleagues
November 2010

The Journal of Asthma
“Factors Associated with Second-Hand Smoke exposure in Young Inter-City Children with Asthma”
Arlene Butz, Joan Kub, & colleagues
June 2011

Journal of the Association of Nurses
in AIDS Care
“Providers’ Knowledge, Practices, and Barriers Related to Genital Herpes Testing for Patients
with HIV”
Jason Farley, Hayley Mark, & colleagues
July/August 2010

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
“Improving Cardiovascular Risk Management Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Positive Individuals”
Jason Farley, Carrie Tudor, & Cheryl
Dennison Himmelfarb
July 2010

“Adequate Health Literacy Is Associated With Higher Heart Failure Knowledge and Self-care Confidence in Hospitalized Patients”
Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb & colleagues
November 2010

“Motivating Our Patients to Adopt and Maintain Healthy Lifestyles”
Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb & colleague
January 2011

“Impact of Social Role Strain, Depression,
Social Support and Age on Diabetes Self-Efficacy
in Korean Women with Type 2 Diabetes”
Miyong Kim & colleague
May 2011

Journal of Gerontology
“Education Predicts Incidence of Preclinical Mobility Disability in Initially High-Functioning Older Women. The Women’s Health and Aging Study II”
Sarah Szanton, Qian-Li Xue, & colleague
May 2011

Journal of Interpersonal Violence
“Patterns of Workplace Supervisor Support Desired by Abused Women”
Nancy Glass & colleagues
September 2010

Journal of Nursing Care Quality
“Challenges in Posthospital Care: Nurses as Coaches for Medication Management”
Linda Costa & Stephanie Poe
January 2011

“Building Nursing Intellectual Capital for Safe Use of Information Technology”
Stephanie Poe, Patricia Abbott, & Peter Pronovost
April–June 2011

Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, &
Neonatal Nursing
“Translating Infant Safe Sleep Evidence Into Nursing Practice”
Sarah “Jodi” Shaefer, Mary Terhaar, & colleagues
January 2011

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
“Workplace Violence: Prevalence and Risk Factors in the Safe at Work Study”
Jacquelyn Campbell, Joan Kub, Daniel Sheridan, & colleagues
January 2011

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
“Stress Reactivity to Co-Rumination in Young Women’s Friendships: Cortisol, Alpha-Amylase, and Negative Affect Focus”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
October 2010

Nurse Researcher
“Planning and Conducting Focus Group Research with Nurses”
Jennifer Wenzel, Elizabeth Hill, & colleagues
January 2011

Nursing Informatics: Where Technology and Caring Meet, 4th Edition
“Nursing Informatics and the Role of Simulation in Education, Practice, and Research”
Pam Jeffries, Krysia Hudson, Laura Taylor, and Steve Klapper
December 2010

Oncology Nursing Forum
“Decision Making for Cancer Clinical Trial Participation: A Systematic Review”
Barbara Biedrzycki
November 2010

Physiology & Behavior
“Salivary Flow and Alpha-Amylase: Collection Technique, Duration, and Oral Fluid Type”
Douglas Granger & colleagues
September 2010

“Interventions That Increase Use of Pap Tests Among Ethnic Minority Women: A Meta-Analysis”
Haera Han, Youngshin Song, & Miyong Kim
April 2011

Public Health Nursing
“What has Changed About Vaginal Douching Among African American Mothers and Daughters?”
Hayley Mark & colleagues
September 2010

The Scan Foundation
“Supporting Individuals with Disability Across the Lifespan at Home: Social Services, Technologies, and the Built Environment”
Laura Gitlin, Sarah Szanton, & colleague
Spring 2011

Statistics in Medicine
“Joint Modeling of Performance and Subjective Reporting to Assess Sensitivity to Drug-Induced Sleepiness”
Matthew Hayat & colleagues
September 2010

Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
“Exploring Feasibility of Home Telemanagement in African Americans with Congestive Heart Failure”
Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb & colleagues
September 2010

Trauma, Violence, & Abuse
“Why Do Women Use Intimate Partner Violence? A Systematic Review of Women’s Motivations”
Jacquelyn Campbell & colleagues
October 2010

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