Our Place in the SON

Our Place in the SON

Since 2004 we have talked about the possibility of having a classroom within the School of Nursing named after the Church Home and Hospital School of Nursing Alumni. Recently I have asked myself and other fellow alumni: “Do we need it? Should we try and raise the several hundred thousand dollars for a classroom, or should we add to the Scholarship which helps individuals reach their goal of becoming a nurse?” The answer was more than obvious.

In 2014, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as consortium members of the Hopkins alumni association, we aim to add another $100,000 to the Scholarship Fund. Karen Reif, CHH ‘69, suggests that any alumni who can donate the amount of their class year join her in doing so. To date five alumni have joined Karen and $10,421 has been pledged!

Also in 2014, we will unveil a new plaque to serve as a permanent reminder of the merger of the Church Home and Hospital Alumni Association with the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association as we work to “Secure a Future for Our Past.”  The plaque will join the Beacon of Hope Ship picture and the Donor List of the Scholarship on display at the School. Thus far $850.00 has been donated to the Plaque Fund.

Please contact Samantha Zipp Dowd at the School (410-614-7961) if you want more information or a pledge form for the Scholarship Fund.

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