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’46 Class Reporter—Laura Brautigam June, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. H.R. 5483 to award a Congressional gold medal to the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps is still stuck in committee. The official flag of the Corps was presented on June 1, 1944. It featured the Maltese Cross which was also worn on the left shoulder of the Cadet nurse uniform. Mona Staska Riley of CA says traffic in LA is terrible. Astrid Johnsen Reiley now lives in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. Emogene Fisher Martin of VA sent a letter after two short hospital stays and a trip to Hawaii. The sister-in-law of Phyllis Conner, who died this past December, said in a note that Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was Phyllis’s great love and that she relished the friendships of all the people she met there.

’50 Class Reporter—Betty Borenstein Scher, (443) 449-5934, [email protected]. Starting right off, Anna Clair Junkin, (Ella) Ruth Stilz Whitmore, and I still manage to have lunch together almost monthly. Ann and I are staying put in Baltimore, but Ruth will be taking off for AZ, settling down there with her daughter Beth who is going into a dermatology practice there. Meanwhile, Ruth seems to be always taking off to visit one of her children or another member of the family. From Jo McDavid Hubbard comes the news that hubby Stan is finally in the recuperative stage of serious illness, but it has been a long haul for them all. Thank heaven, Jo says, that her daughter and son were always nearby and so helpful. Jo also reports that she has one grandson in the nursing program at the University of Kentucky. Don David reports for Ginger Groseclose David, whose vision prevents her from writing. Don writes, “No special news…but we are doing pretty well, if you don’t expect toooooo much.” Their daughter and family are settled into a new home about a mile away, so having a grandson so close is very nice. Ginger still manages to do all of the things she used to do, even though it takes longer, and she is not pleased with herself. Don also reports that they spent several hours in their basement one night when the “terrible tornadoes” hit nearby, but they escaped any damage. Whew! Janey Shutts Pinkerton writes that she “had arthritis and couldn’t type on the computer or write letters since before Christmas,” but is better now. She also writes, “I’ve had problems with osteoarthritis and am using a scooter power chair to zoom around in.” She likes being in NC and still has her 8-year-old dog named Alex. Finally, I have received several notes from Marion Bee, who continues to be absolutely thrilled with her retirement: the location, the closeness to a niece and nephew, her many activities including growing fresh vegetables and flowers, still having the game nights with Scrabble and Canasta despite the 75 inches of snow in the area in the winter. After reading in the last issue of the CHH alum who has been a member of the Harvard Nurses Study since it began in 1976, Marion was reminded that she, too, has been in the same study since it began so many years ago. As for me, Betty Borenstein Scher, I continue to do my volunteer work with the Medical Archives (fabulous fun!) and with Hospice, see my son Bobby and his family almost every weekend in D.C., see Susan here in Baltimore, and soon will be driving down to NC to visit son David and his family, then two weeks later flying out to NM to see daughter Linda and her crew. Also, of course, there is reading and jigsaw puzzles…Bye for now. Stay busy and keep in touch!

’55 Class Reporter—Margie Barber Trever, (410) 822-0479, [email protected]. Kay Smith Burr says that along with the medical appointments, life is enhanced by interaction with the family and piano lessons, which have progressed to duets with the teacher. Carol Straub Guilbert and Dick spent two weeks along the East coast visiting their family. After six months of treatments and water aerobics three times a week, Carol says she is in great health. She leads Sunday church services at local nursing homes a few times a month and co-leads a prayer group weekly. Dick continues to play tennis and works on his company, My spouse, Dr. Bob, continues his bout with Parkinson’s, to which has been added a diagnosis of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. We all are grateful for the medical world and the advances since our training days and for the support of our wonderful families.

’56 Fei Li Holmes is enjoying retirement after working as a school nurse and a kindergarten teacher. She currently volunteers for the Health Information and Counseling Advocacy Program as well as for the Kaiser Hospital Knitting group, knitting hats for babies and chemo-therapy patients. Mary Doyle Grant and her husband, Todd, are moving to their vacation home of 36 years in VT. Mary is retired after 50 years of working as a nurse in four different states in ED, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, and Geriatrics to name a few of her specialties. After being hospitalized recently, Mary “is still very proud of being part of this caring, humane profession.” Nancy Andrews Watkins spends her time reading, acting in community theatre and teaching Sunday school at her church. She and her husband have been together for 52 years, and they have two children and five grandchildren. Nancy is glad to still be in touch with some of her classmates. Clara A. Olivas lives in the Good Samaritan Retirement Center and continues to enjoy traveling, dancing, photography, and attending church. She is a widow and has 10 children, 24 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. She says “my JHH nursing education served me well in professional fields and in family and community settings.” Barbara Long Barisic enjoys train trips from her home in Morro Bay, CA to Los Angeles and Portland to visit her two daughters and grandchildren. She has made seven “Quilts of Valor” this year to be given to a veteran or their family on Veterans Day in November. Barbara says, “time flies going to church, eating out, quilting, volunteering at the Veteran’s Museum, and trying to stay ahead of the arthritis in my hip.” She also offers her extra room and bath if anyone wants to plan a trip to the central coast of CA. Anne James Duncan is volunteering at a free medical clinic, an art gallery, and leads a 36 member book club. She raised three great children and taught high school French until her retirement in 2003. She recalls how she came to Baltimore “fresh off the farm. Now I marvel that I was able to succeed and actually become a Hopkins nurse! It was the best of times (and perhaps the worst of times, occasionally).” Carol N. Swift lives in Dayton, OH and enjoys traveling, knitting, reading, and volunteering at the senior center and her church. She has three sons, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren; one of her granddaughters became an LPN last year.
Don’t forget Reunion Sept. 23–24.

’59 Phyllis Dietrich Hunt reports that Lois Ann Furgess Oler was sponsored by her State Senator, Joe Getty, to open a Senate session with a prayer that was included into the day’s record.

’61 Class Reporter—Wendy Gehlbach, (772) 229-0601, [email protected]. Carol Sue Stetzer Manning has been “on duty” full time due to her husband Terry’s bout with shingles and ongoing emphysema. He is still up and about though, and she reports that his pain is calming down. Carol is also volunteering at the Family Resource Center once a week,
doing prenatal, parenting, and life skills classes and serves on their board and helps to coordinate volunteers.
Be sure to make plans for our 50th Reunion!

’66 Gail Kymer Earley is living with her husband Robert in FL. She is retired now from a career in cardiac nursing, infection control and nursing administration. She enjoys traveling, cooking and gardening and reports that “the best is yet to come.” Alayne Noyes Boland worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner for 27 years. She is now retired but continues to volunteer at a free clinic and is involved in publishing the monthly newsletter at her church. Susan Matthews Epstein worked as a Legal Aid attorney specializing in Medicaid and special education law until she retired in 2007. She lives in NC with her husband, David, who is the Chairman of Ophthalmology at Duke University. She is enjoying her time traveling, reading, cooking, and spending time with her two-year-old grandson, Sam. Anne Warrington Roy completed Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs and enjoys doing volunteer gardening. She worked as a nurse for more than 38 years, in cardiac, oncology, bone marrow, and then private practice as a nurse practitioner. Anne has been married to her husband, Edward, for 43 years and has two fine sons. Frances Tulloch Hastings works part-time at the Wicomico County Health Department doing community health.
Reunion is coming, Sept. 23–24.

’72 Wendy Peek Davis served on a medical mission in Leon, Nicaragua in February and is scheduled to graduate from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at East Carolina University in July.

’86 Marianne Struntz Lasher (301) 722-8445, [email protected], is now a dentist working in a family practice in Cumberland, MD. Karen Shumar works as a Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist in Tampa, FL.
Plan to attend Reunion, Sept. 23–24.

’91 Joy Reineck is living in Las Vegas with her husband and is working at Planned Parenthood there. She received her MS in Midwifery in 1994 from Georgetown University. She enjoys hiking, reading, traveling. Patti Bladek Brown is living in Winchester, VA with her husband, son and daughter. She is working for the Valley Health System/Winchester Medical Center. Remember reunion Sept. 23-24.

’96 C. Noelle Flaherty works for Johns Hopkins Community Physicians in Silver Spring, MD, and is also involved with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Susan Eshelman has been working at the Children’s Hospital of San Diego for the past 14 years in the Neonatal ICU. Kate Griffin recently graduated from California State University, Long Beach’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program. She spent most of her career as an RN in the Neonatal ICU. In 2002, she did the Ironman, Canada as well as completed several triathlons over the years. Kate also enjoys traveling and volunteers with different overseas health care agencies from time to time. Michael Cooley works in the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins Bayview and has been there for the past 14 years. In his spare time, he enjoys boating. Michele Magera reports that she has been married for 10 years this June to her husband Andy. They have been living in Australia with their two kids Marcus and Natalie for the past four years. She works for the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress as a cardiac chronic disease nurse. As a family they enjoy hiking, camping and traveling around the country watching kangaroos!
Reunion—Sept. 23–24. Be there.

’96 Accelerated  Tina McNemar Moore is an RN First Assistant in the OR at Christiana Hospital in Newark, DE. She also runs a photography business and teaches scrapbooking classes part time. Karin Gooch went on to get her MD in 2003 and now works in the Permanente Medical Group in the Bay Area, CA. Julie Javernick is a midwife at Westside Women’s Care in Arvada, CO. She recently attended her 1,500th birth. Amazing! Pat Kucharski works as a nurse consultant and investigator for the Maryland Board of Nursing. Cindy Brennan is a surgical nurse at the Saint Charles Medical Center in Bend, OR. She has been happily married to her husband Matt for 15 years! Cindy is involved in all kinds of outdoor activities including trail running, Telemark skiing, skate skiing, cycling, camping and organic gardening. Mini Truett is a nursing supervisor at Memorial Hospital in PA and also teaches sign language at a local preschool and runs her sons’ Cub Scout Pack. A special class memory for Mini is when classmate Nancene Salazar set her up on a blind date with the man who became her husband! Denise Schuffman works at the Dimensional Health Care Association Inc. and lives in MD with her husband. Mary-Tara Ward is the Director of the Clinical Research Resources Office at the Boston University Medical Center and is certified in clinical investigation. She has three wonderful children, and in addition to spending time with them, Mary plays soccer on various teams in the Boston area.

’00 Class Reporter—Sarah Gauger, (919) 321-8849, [email protected]. Brooke Schlosser Schwenk is happy to announce a new member of her family, a second son, born May 22, 2010. Brooke continues to work part time as an NP for a family practice in PA. Tricia Angulo-Bartlett is still working in MD with Seton Medical Group. She has been married for nine years and they have two boys. Jen Ellison Marger was married last May, and they are pleased to announce the birth of their son this February. Jen works as an ICU nurse in CA. Linda Brigode Katstra is still working at the Hackettstown RMC Childbirth Center and is also working as a substitute school nurse at her children’s school, enjoying the fact that she gets paid to go on field trips! She has also been leading several mission trips to Haiti with the International Childcare group. Katie Wetherbee Kotopoulos is happy to announce the birth of her third son in April. She and her family continue to live in Rwanda, while her husband works in the DR Congo for World Vision. Marian Grant continues to enjoy teaching at the University of MD SON and clinical practice on their Palliative Care Service; she just received funding to continue her DNP Capstone Project for answering public questions about palliative care on the Hopkins Pancreatic Cancer website. Jessica Conrad recently joined the staff of University Health Services at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as a nurse practitioner.

’01 Paula Eubanks is an Oncology Certified Nurse and works at Shadyside Hospital which is part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. After her time at Johns Hopkins, Paula went on to get her Master’s in Thanatology which is the study of death in human beings and often looks at grief and the wider social implications of death. She and her partner, Havila, are hoping to adopt a newborn baby sometime this year! Michael Cox lives in MD with his wife and their five-year-old son. He works at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Critical Care Unit.

’01 Accelerated  Isabella Scheu is a Nurse Anesthetist at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in PA. She is an avid runner and has done marathons and triathlons, and enjoys hiking and rock climbing. Dawn Brown works in community geriatrics as an FNP in OR. She loves spending time with her husband and two daughters, camping along the coast and in the mountains. Larry Rower works at the Hershey Medical Center as a Critical Care Float Nurse and travels between the adult ICUs, the Intermediate Care Unit, the ER, and the PACU. He and his wife have four children, with a fifth on the way. Tiffany Purcell Pellathy works in the Critical Care Medicine Service at the Veterans Healthcare System in PA. She also serves as Assistant Faculty at the Georgetown University SON and Health Studies. She and her husband have three children, with their fourth baby due in October 2011!
Don’t forget Reunion, Sept. 23–24.

’03 Accelerated  Melissa Prince recently moved to UCLA Santa Monica and is working in forensic medicine. She also ventured to Nepal for a medical volunteer trip at the beginning of the year.

’04 Accelerated  John R. Cotterell
currently works in the neurology ambulatory clinic at the U of MD Medical Center and is scheduled to complete his Multiple Sclerosis Nurse certification by the end of the year.

’06 Florence Morris is working as an RN in the Pediatric ICU at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. She is planning a trip to Greece and Italy in the fall and is looking forward to buying a house this summer. Kelly Hagner is working at Albany Medical Center. Grace Parchment is living in NY and working at Lutheran Medical Center.Krystal Wisor works at Carlisle Regional Medical Center in PA. Michelle Loren Basa-Llerenas is working as a RN at the Neonatal ICU at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA. Julia Tracy works at the Adolescent Medicine/Surgery Unit at JHH as a pediatric RN. Alena Barrett’s home base is in CA but she is doing travel nursing. Talitha Michalow is now Talitha Kauffman and works in L&D at Northside Hospital in GA. Mital Khatri is an RN in the Neonatal ICU at Westchester Medical Center in NY. Aya Sato-Dilorenzo and her husband, Michael, were expecting baby twins this spring! She is currently working at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in their Inpatient Bone Marrow Transplant unit as a Certified Oncology Nurse. Lisa Arvine works at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute doing gynecological oncology as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Nancy Gruber is back in Baltimore and currently working in the Weinberg ICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital after earning her MSN at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Kathleen Burley-Dudley has been working at JHH in Pediatric Oncology since 2006. She and her husband are coming up on their fifth year anniversary this fall and have two children. Nathalie Cleveland is working at Children’s Hospital in CO as a PNP at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in their Oncology Department. Her abstract on coordinating immunotherapy for high risk neuroblastoma patients was recently accepted for an oral presentation at the Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses National Conference in September. She is also expecting a daughter in August! Stacy Kreger works at Union Memorial Hospital in MD and was recently nominated for Nurse of the Year in 2011. She is a member of the Baltimore Green Team, which is committed to helping Baltimore citizens lead a “greener” lifestyle.

’06 Accelerated  Florence Morris is living in Nashville, TN, working in the PICU at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and hoping to start her master’s in fall 2012. She just bought a house so she is busy moving and decorating. She plans to go to Italy and Greece in Sept. Jocelyn Whitson Audelo is living in Oakland, CA, with her husband, and they are expecting a baby in December. She received her MPH in Maternal Child Health at UC Berkeley in 2011. Jocelyn is currently working for Kaiser Permanente. Megan Pape is living in Elkins Park, PA, with her husband and two children. She received her MSN/MPH from JHH in 2010. Sara Walsh is living in CA and working at a rural health clinic in the Sierra foothills. She received her MSN-FNP/MPH in 2008. Ruth Loyer is currently living in Durham, NC, working in radiation oncology at Duke University Medical Center and enrolled in the MSN (Family Nurse Practitioner) and MTS (Master’s of Theological Studies) at Duke University. Ruth is engaged to be married Nov. 25, 2011.

’06 Accelerated (17 month class)  Class Reporter—Lisa Kowal, (410) 732-3808, [email protected]. Lisa Linn Seaman lives in Baltimore and is working as a PNP at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center doing gastroenterology and nutrition. She has also done a number of medical mission trips to Peru and the Dominican Republic with Dr. Karen Schneider and worked as a clinical preceptor for the SON. Lisa and her fiancé Felipe Santo Domingo are getting married in September in Washington State. Kelly Hagner works at the Albany Medical Center in Vascular/Interventional Radiology after 1 years working in their Surgical ICU. She administers conscious sedation and helps recover patients undergoing many different types of procedures. Kelly says “it’s been a pretty interesting place to be around so far.” Kailee Rabinovitz is interning as a critical care and trauma nurse at Parkland Hospital in TX. Shelby Barendrick is now Shelby D’Anjou and is working for Kaiser in their Trauma Care Unit as well as in outpatient surgery in the PACU. She says that “life is good.” Julie Vilnit is a Senior Clinical Nurse at the Pediatric ICU/IMC at the U of MD Medical Center. Rosemary Kollosch works at JHH on Nelson 6 in the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit and has worked as a charge nurse and a preceptor. She lives in MD with her husband and their two teenage sons. Erin Batton works in the Neonatal ICU at the UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest. She spends her free time running, biking, swimming and pursuing photography. Nadia Irani Lauer is a Nurse Clinician 3 Assistant Nurse Manager on the Adolescent Medical Surgical Unit at the JHH Children’s Center. She and her husband are expecting a baby girl in July! Brenda Blunt received her Master’s in Nursing Leadership and Management and now works for the Gilchrist Hospice Care’s Pediatric Team. She lives in MD with her husband and five children. Anna Trach works at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in their Adult Hematology/Oncology Department and lives with her husband and two sons in Palmyra, PA.
Don’t forget Reunion, Sept. 23–24.

’07 Accelerated   Meghan Lopez is working as the Country Director of Whole Child International in Nicaragua. WCI provides training and direct care to children in orphanages across the country. Meghan says “it is a very interesting program, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

’08 Emily Colston Clark and her husband were married two years in May. They are expecting their first addition to the family in June. She is working full-time night shift in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital in OH. She has been there since Aug. of 2008 and loves it. She will probably go part time when their baby is born…one of the many perks to being a nurse…job flexibility!!”

’09 Emily Adkins Wilson works nights on a med-surg unit at Glendale Memorial Hospital in CA, and is in the process of applying for the US Public Health Service Corps.  Emily spent two weeks this past summer with a non-profit in Albania helping with disaster preparedness/earthquake readiness. She was asked to spearhead the project and said that her Hopkins education has served her well the past two years.

’10 SeungHee Baek is now an RN in New Zealand! It was a lengthy and complicated process and she is thrilled that the hardest part is finished.

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