Baltimore +2

I’m spoiled. I’m from Miami, where its mostly sunny, hot, but with a sea breeze. The city is beautiful and you’re always a couple minutes away from a beach or park. (Ha, and I used to complain about the city!) Well cue me in Baltimore. No beach for an hour, old run-down buildings, hot smoggy air. I grew to dislike this city rather quickly.

Until my co-workers took me out to the “Tiki Barge”. I was floored. The city has never looked so beautiful to me.

View of the dock from inside the Tiki Barge
Domino sugar and a sailboat, many people were out sailing that day
Inner Harbor and you can see a pirate ship coming towards the tiki barge

The same weekend was Artscape. Artscape is the biggest art festival in the country, with many events of all types (from auto shows to ballets). Matisyahu was here this year, but I did the responsible thing and studied (lame). It was massive and really great. Me and a couple friends went to see two shows, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and an acrobatic dance called “Junk”. Both were wonderful! I can’t wait until next year to enjoy more of the festival. Baltimore, you just gained 2 points.

Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

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