To the desert…

To the desert…

I’m on my way to Abu Dhabi today!

During the next six weeks, I will be at Corniche Hospital, the “premier maternity hospital in the Middle East.”

During this rotation I will work 1:1 with a preceptor in Labor & Delivery. The hospital has over 8,000 births per year, so I anticipate being very busy! This is my final rotation, or “transitions” as a nursing student, where I get to show off all the nursing skills I’ve learned in the past year. Furthermore, I get to explore a new culture, learn some Arabic, and try out new exotic foods! I am so excited about this opportunity, and look forward to sharing it with you here!

For now, I’m finishing packing my bags, including lots of loose, flowy skirts and linen tops to deal with the 120+ degree weather, my trusty stethoscope, and plenty of reading material!

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