The Balancing Act…

Almost a month completed and I think I may have finally adjusted to the flow here. Is that too late? Last week was my first Patho exam and although going over my notes after lecture helped cut down on a lot of study time, I still spent the week never having a Patho-less moment. What was the motivation? A long awaited happy hour on Friday night.

And it was well worth all the effort. About 10 or so other nursing students and I met up at the Brewer’s Art in Mt. Vernon for their happy hour. $3.25/glass for in-house brewed Belgium beer. Not a bad deal at all. We all got a chance to NOT talk nursing (finally!) and hang out. We were all still meeting new people too (you get to know the people within your section really well but inter-section communication is a little dampened since we’re in class all the time). The bar food was good, beer even better, so everything complimented each other quite nicely. I do wish they had a veggie burger, but that’s beside the point I’m trying to get to in this…

My advice to any current nursing student and potential would be to still have a life while you’re here. Hopkins is a great opportunity and I know that we all want to get the most out of it. School nights and most weekends are dedicated to studying because of the intensity. But we’re still people, very amazing, experienced, and fun people. I’ve been meeting people that have been everywhere and have had the most interesting stories, and I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to hear it unless we put down our books and enjoyed an afternoon together. So as much as we’re all studying now, remember, you can still make it to a happy hour, catch a movie, etc.

And after the next big exam… P&A? Health Assessment? Let’s see what what else goes on in Baltimore…

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