Shawarma at Midnight

With temperatures soaring over 115 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity in full force, it was difficult to be outside during the day. As the sun goes down, however, Abu Dhabi comes alive. Shops that closed for the midday heat reopen, men laze about in grassy areas, the streets are full of traffic, and the shawarma meat has finished roasting. Having slept through the heat of late afternoon, I find myself restless in the evening, so I wander out in search of a late night snack.

Delicious roasted shawarma meat

Across the street is a little restaurant, Shater Hassen. Its buzzing with Arabs, even though it’s nearly 12pm. The shawarma meat has roasted all day, and smells delicious. I pay 6 dirhams (~$2.00) and hand my ticket to the Shawarma Man. He asks “Chicken or Beef?” I choose chicken tonight. Shawarma Man carefully shaves of just the right amount of chicken, and wraps it in a pita with french fries, mayo and a pickle slice. Delicious.

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