Hope Section 1 doesn’t mind!

So far we have taken one test in every class, and that means we all know how to study for each course, and are VERY well trained on how Hopkins students take tests… Don’t even think about having a water bottle on your desk, phones off, backpack at least 10 feet away from any student, etc. I’m still having trouble dealing with not being able to leave right after the test, since I take them pretty quickly, but hey at least I get a 15 min nap out of it. And considering the lack of sleep from the night before, 15 minutes is a little bit of heaven.

It’s not bad though, we understand why these rules are in place and we comply, what makes up for it are the times in class. Example, Health Assessment:

That is the entire front row of the class, plus a few additional people, all recreating the cardiovascular system. Aren’t we cute? The best part was the “magic trick” the blood did after passing through the lungs, can any potential student guess what happened? Hint, the blood in this picture is the little blue circle a classmate and the professor are holding up.

Its the small efforts professors go through like this, that give us a really good review and keeps us all on the same page. Albeit it was after lunch and all I wanted was a nap time, this woke me up and made for a great photo op.

Much easier week this week, then a long weekend… can’t wait!

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