Desert Mysteries

Although we work hard and enjoy our experience in the hospital, every now and then it’s good to get out. Even if it’s mid-summer and the heat is boiling away at over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the four of us here in the UAE decided that a desert adventure was still in order. Around 5pm we headed out into the deserts of Abu Dhabi in a four-wheel-drive with Radwan, our quirky, humorous guide.
First stop was a camel farm, where we marveled at funny looking camels with goofy grins.

Goofy Camel

Next up was “dune bashing”. Radwan emptied the air from our tires, and we headed into a sea of dunes. This entailed driving up and sliding down massive dunes. Radwan proved to be an excellent dune-surfer, and gave us many thrills. We stopped a few times to play in the soft sand, watch the sun sink, and listen to the desert. We discovered mysterious succulent desert fauna that actually contains tiny pods of water in each bud–providing our long-legged friends with a refreshing treat in the dry heat. We made sure to run and jump and play plenty in the sand.

Jamie, Amanda & Lindsay checking out desert flora

Finally we arrived at camp, where we were greeted with Arabic coffee and dates, an buffet of Arabic rice, salads, kebabs and more. As dusk fell, we were treated to a fabulous belly-dancing show, of which we were all invited to join in! We danced and spun under the desert stars until we were dizzy and out of breath!

The night finished around a campfire smoking shisha (Arabic flavored tobacco) while gazing at the stars in utter darkness…..

*Thanks to Taylor for the photos!

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