First year of nursing school done…what’s that like?

First year of nursing school done…what’s that like?

No more teachers and
no more books; summer is here
Kari says “relax”

Summer is here, and our first year of school is over. Nursing school is hard. Have I said that before? Yeah, I think I have, and it’s definitely true. What a rollercoaster of a year; lot’s of thrilling ups, and some devastating downs. It’s hard to believe how much has happened in a mere 12 months, and so now, as my last summer of freedom approaches (you know, before I have to get a real job), I’m going to maximize my free time to:

1. Read books—for FUN. I’ve got a huge stack of books in my room, and I would love to get through a handful of them before August 29 rolls around.
2. Catch up on the news. What’s this, a royal wedding? And something huge happened in Pakistan a week ago?
3. Travel. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t sit still for very long, why is why I’m hitting the road this summer. So far, the agenda includes China, Haiti, and Trinidad. I might even go ‘downey ocean, hon’.
4. Go on a date. Or two. I hear Fogo de Chao is nice.

Happy summer, everyone. And welcome, new Accelerated class!

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